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Testimonials and Reviews

Intensive Law & Trial

Watch alumni talk about what they learned at Intensive Law & Trial.

NYLF Advanced Medicine & Healthcare

Watch alumni talk about what they learned at NYLF Advanced Medicine & Health Care.

NYLF Advanced Medicine & Healthcare

Watch alumni talk about what they learned at NYLF Advanced Medicine & Health Care.


Watch alumni talk about what they learned at NYLF Explore STEM.

Game and Technology Academy

Watch alumni talk about what they learned at the Game & Technology Academy.


Watch alumni talk about what they learned at the Global Young Leaders Conference.


Watch alumni talk about what they learned at the Global Young Leaders Conference.


Watch alumni talk about what they learned at the Junior National Young Leaders Conference.


Watch alumni talk about what they learned at NYLF Law and CSI.

NYLF Pathways to STEM

Watch alumni talk about what they learned at Pathways to STEM.

International Scholar Laureate Program

"This trip has been an overwhelming experience. From the people we met, places we went, and things we learned. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Thank you to ISLP"

- A. Bingham


"Sarah truly enjoyed her experience. She is an excellent student, and I am very glad she got a chance to expand her ideas and learn more. She is eager to bring back some of what she learned to our Student Council. Thank you for the opportunity."

- Oropeza A.


"Getting to experience diverse cultures from all over the world and the simulations that helped with critical thinking and solution finding."

- Acadia S.

NYLF Medicine

"In speaking with Olivia she shared many positive experiences which have, in her words, 'opened her eyes' to the many different paths to follow in the medical field. Having the opportunity to view a surgery in live stream and have questions answered by the surgeon make a huge impression on her. Olivia went into the program leaning toward forensic medicine and came out realizing there are many more avenues in the medical field she could pursue. She felt the program was well organized and provided her able opportunity to interact with both other students and adults."

- Alan B.

JrNYLC Alumni program
Alex S.

"My favorite part of this program experience were the trips to different historical sites in Massachusetts. I personally enjoy sightseeing and learning through experience, so it was a lot of fun for me to go to a new location every day."

- Alex S.

NYLF Business Innovation

"I loved making new friends and I love the fact that I came into this program with no business related skills or any knowledge. I left with the confident choice of making this a career."

- Alexandra P.

Alexandria A

Overall great experience and would recommend to anyone

The workshops and group projects were lots of fun and opened my eyes to the many engineering fields. Although I'm not one for formal dress everyday, I appreciated the requirement because it made the "conference" more independent and, without a better word, formal. I will never forget this experience and I hope anybody that gets the option to go would go.

Alexandria A.

Intensive Law & Trial
Alexandria R.

"My favorite part of the program was the lectures given by the law professors at Stanford. I think they both helped give me a feel of college lectures and taught me valuable information for the law field."

- Alexandria R.

NYLF Pathways to STEM

“There are many more hands-on learning opportunities during the program, and you interact more with your peers. Plus, there are more team building activities than in a traditional classroom.”

- Amelia F.

AMS NIK Testimonial

"Lauren had a wonderful time.  She has happily shared her story of great experiences & new friends made.  I knew she would be an excellent candidate for your program!"

- Amy N.


“It really changed my life, it gave me a whole new perspective on what I can do and the potential that I have.”

- Analise K.



"Thank you @envisionexp for such an amazing experience."

❤️ #NYLF #TryMyFuture #Law&CSI

- Andrea P.

Andrea S

"He found his tribe. He already knew he loved programming. Camp allowed him to expand his skills. More importantly he found people that share his interests. He's been on the computer interacting daily through Skype and other platforms."

Andrea S. | Parent


"I learned to interact with new people which was really good for me."

- Annabelle H.

Annabelle H

Amazing educational experience.

Personally, I have been to 3 (JrNYLC, JrNYLC Alumni Boston, NYLF: Law and CSI) Envision programs and they have all be wonderful. I learned so much and made many new friends. They boosted my confidence and I am very thankful for that. If your child or someone you know has the chance to go to one, they definitely should.

Annabelle H.

Anne M

"Very positive . . . kicked off our college search."

Anne M. | Parent

NYLF Pathways to STEM

"She is a very shy person, and I thought this program would not only enrich her education, but also help her to gain more confidence in herself and her abilities. I am thrilled that she was able to attend! Thank you."

- Anne M.

International Scholar Laureate Program

"Being a part of the Envision (International Scholar Laureate Program) changed me and the trajectory of my graduate study focus and career! I studied in Australia in 2013, gained a passion for International Mental Health, acquired great friends that I still keep in contact with and a mentor that has been very impactful. I recommend this organization to high school and college students all the time with hopes that they will participate and have their lives changed for the better! It was worth EVERY PENNY! Thank you Envision!"


"I had finally found a place that I felt at home. At NYLF, I was a part of something and I was able to be myself in the process. To me that means everything."


"This whole experience was something to remember, it helped me to become a better leader and also a better person. Just the whole atmosphere of the program was fantastic. All the history and monuments were breathtaking. I would go back again!"


"For me, that is the magic of GYLC, understanding cultural division, respect and coexisting with other people's beliefs."


"These people made my short stay at ‪#‎GYLC a magical one. In 10 days they became my friends for life and will always miss you guys ‪ #‎friends  #‎TryMyFuture"


"I miss all the amazing people and friends for life from all around the world and my LGM and the best FA ever @christiberli (who is in the pic!) and just the entire #GYLC2015 experience of model UN, leadership, cultural exposure, and fun! By far the most unique and unforgettable experience! Wish I was there #takemeback"




Great experience!

From registration to pick up everything went very smoothly. My child had a great time and made many good friends. There were many adult counsellors who made the experience safe and engaging! An excellent program!



Envision was an unforgettable experience. You learn everything from independence to suturing to making new friends. I walked in knowing no one and walked out with 20 friends who still stay in touch a year later. I never wanted to go home.



Amazing experience for our future leaders

Amazing experience for my son at the JrNYLC. He came out more out going, confident and sure of himself. He made friends in that short week that he still texts and talks to a month later. He had nothing bad to say about any of it. For parents who think they can't afford it dig into scholarships and grants and fundraising on their site. That is one ting I did not take advantage of and wish I did. Well worth the money to hear my son talking about if he were president or a leader how he would change things!!! I felt very comfortable that he was safe and I usually worry. Get the text updates too. Can't say enough good.



“I feel it will change your life for the better, and make you want to go for the higher things.”

- Antwan H.


"This program left me with a sense of understanding as to how the Game industry operates, the individual roles people have within a Gaming company, and all that it takes to create a game."


NYLF Pathways to STEM

"Riley loved it. She thought if was very informative, fun, and educational."

- Audrey M.

International Scholar Laureate Program

"This was an amazing experience. I cannot even put into words how amazing this trip was. I learned so much."

- B. Howell-Jennings


"The whole structure of the conferences is geared toward giving students the tools they need to become effective leaders in their schools, communities, and in their careers. It’s amazing how much a student will change by the end of a conference. Envision allows of the growth of knowledge and confidence in a safe, fun, and educational environment."

- Moelker B.


"I believe that attending an Envision program has a lasting impact on students because they will continue to draw upon the experiences, training, and developmental tools provided by the staff and other students for years to come."

- Williams B.

Bralyn O


Wonderful experience for my son! He is so ready to follow his dream of becoming a lawyer and meeting new people outside of this small town has opened his eyes to so many more opportunities & experiences.

Bralyn O.

NYLF Pathways to STEM

"Bradley was ecstatic about the time he spent with the program over the summer. He was very appreciative of the opportunity."

- Brandy R.


"Ella made several lifelong connections which will help her continue to develop as a leader. Her experience in DC was very positive and she would recommend the conference to others her age."

- Breonda Z.


Excellent experience

I was a little apprehensive at first registering my daughter because of the cost. During and after her attendence I am so glad she went. Money well spent.


International Scholar Laureate Program

"I feel so honored to have taken part in this cultural experience. ISLP has given me the opportunity to explore the world, my passion, and to connect with people from all over the world."

- C. Harris

International Scholar Laureate Program

"This experience was one of the most worthwhile experiences of my entire life. It is nothing short of amazing how many things can be learned about a place in a relatively short time. I did not think it could be done. I do not want to leave. Thank you all at ISLP for making experiences like this possible."

- C. Mas

Cadance T


An awesome experience by far. Had lots of hands on activities, met new friends and experienced what it's like to live as a college student. Everyone should have an Evision adventure to add to their personal bank of memories.

Cadance T.


"All in all, I believe the experience was crucial to his growth and development."

- Candice Y.

International Scholar Laureate Program

“It gave me a great opportunity to see other pathology and experience other people’s medical systems.”

- Carmen B.

NYLF Business Innovation

"My favorite part was the Venture Capital Fair because I feel that it was a very interesting challenge that we faced head-first and that I got a lot out of it and learned multiple skills for handling investers."

- Carol Z.

NYLF Medicine

"Caroline had a fantastic experience attending this forum…she had a positive experience that really helped her define and solidify her aspiration to go into the medical field."

- S. Reardon, Canton High School, Canton, MA


"It definitely gave Catherine a vision on what she wants to pursue in the future and made her believe that a 16-year old can make a huge difference."

- Carolyn R.


“Envision made a law program with mock trials…I never really did anything like that in my school. In my school right now we’re just doing text book work.”

- Cayden L.

NYLF Medicine

"My favorite part of the program was the knee surgery broadcast--it was personally the most inspiring because it was complex and had to do with real life practice rather than just medical schooling."

- Cherokee E.

NYLF Medicine

"Helana stated that the experience was excellent and suggests it to other students interested in medicine. Enjoyed the small group atmosphere, the communication with professionals and the opportunities available through the experience. Loved the lab tours and field trips also."

- Christina S.


"This program taught me the basics of Game Design, a career that I have been interested in for a long time, but have never known how to start pursuing it. "



"The program allowed me an insight into the world of Game Design and a step into the Game industry. I loved the program and learned much more than I ever would have in a high school class for two years. Very positive impact, loved the lessons."


Daniella Marie K.

"This conference was truly a life changing experience as well as truly enjoyable. I highly recommend this program for anyone as it beautifully merges work and travel in less than 2 weeks."

- Daniella M.


"Julia loved her program and would do it again.  She said she learned a lot of things and had a lot of fun and would recommend it to everyone."

- David S.

NYLF Pathways to STEM

"I visited with Drayton at the beginning of this school year and I am impressed with his amazing growth and development into a more mature learner, one who seems more focused and clear about his future goals within our STEM program."

- Debbie K.

Debbie P

Excellent staff interactions with the scholars

My 13yr old grandson was excited to have teachers engage with him and support his ideas. Lots of hands on robotics.

Debbie P.


"It was the first time our daughter was away from home. She returned more confident and open to new ideas."

- Deborah F.

NYLF Medicine
NYLF Boston Touched a Brain

"We all touched human brains today. We're practically surgeons." #GroupBrown #NYLFMed

- Diego S.


A great program!

My son had a wonderful experience at his Envision experience. I was hesitant to send him somewhere without one of his parents being there for six days, but I honestly did not worry about him much while he was gone. Envision was very communicative and gave me text updates and e-mails daily, sometimes several times a day. I had to call to leave a message one day and the lady who answered the telephone was really helpful. I felt like he was being taken care of and I am glad we chose to send him. He learned so much from his experiences and from his advisors there that he will be able to use in the future.


NYLF Medicine

"My child was impacted by the overall program. What I really enjoyed her talking about was knowing what it takes to be successful in med school; what it takes to get into med school and the dedication and passion to be in the field of medicine."

- Donna B.

NYLF National Security

"Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel with @envisionexp alumni scholars!"

- Duncan Y.  @duncanyoung


"Elizabeth is grateful that this program allowed her the opportunity to have such a wonderful experience. She was able to interact with young people of different cultures and learn how their thinking is different from or aligns with hers. She has made some friends and they keep in contact on social media. She is still interested in international relations but now realizes that there are many more choices than she realized and is very upbeat about her future.
Thank you on behalf of Elizabeth."

- Evelyn M.


"It was gratifying to see Elizabeth so happy and excited, bubbling over, telling me about it. Clearly, she had a valuable and happy experience."

- Petersen E.

Intensive Law & Trial

"My favorite part of the experience was being around a group of likeminded individuals, with an open mind and an open heart. I very much enjoyed the trip to Fisherman's Wharf and meeting great people, I will definitely remember the people and experience."

- Ecab A.


"We are sure, after talking to her, that this experience will enhance her leadership skills, her use of the English language, her knowledge of this globalized world."

- Edistio C.


"There were so many amazing students and staff that helped me become more confident in myself and my skills. I have some ideas of what I can achieve in the career field and still have fun doing what I love. I met so many wonderful people and have so many memories to take away from this experience that I know I will never forget."



"I liked the teamwork games as it brought all of us together. They were really fun and taught me about working better with a diverse group of individuals."

- Elizabeth W.

NYLF Engineering & Technology

"William attended the NYLF Engineering & Technology program this past summer. William described it as 'one of the best experiences of his life.'"

Elvira C.


"The new friends I was able to make and the confidence that I seemed to gain from this program! I'm not as shy like I was before. "

- Emily A.


"I liked meeting people from around the country, because I go to a private school and know and talk to the same 50 people every day."

- Emily H.

Emily M

Excellent Summer STEM Camp Experience!

My 12 year old son had an excellent time at his NYLF Envision Summer Camp and enjoyed the experience intellectually and socially. The enrollment process was simple, the communication frequent and informative and the daily registration simple and efficient. And the camp content was exceptional!

Emily M.


"Getting an opportunity to meet new people and learn how to collaborate and communicate better in a group. As well as learning about a career field that interests me."

- Emily R.


"I loved the 'my day in office' simulation because it was fun, but challenging at the same time."

- Erin G.


"This program gave me more experience in Unity and Xcode, and it taught me how to teach myself for the future."


Evan S Video

"I’m actually doing this… This is what someone in a real job can do and I’m doing it right now!"

Evan S.

NYLF Medicine

"My favorite part of this program was when we went to PRO EMS / Rhode Island Sim Center. This is my favorite because it helped us learn new things such as how to do CPR and IV's."

- Farheen J.


"My favourite part of this conference was learning how to further enhance my leadership skills, as they are not the best. Also, I deepened my cross-cultural skills with meeting friends from literally all over the world."

- Fayokunmi A.

NYLF Pathways to STEM

“Envision is really teaching you on how to be when you grow up, or in the future, and your personal goals for yourself and how you want to put yourself out into the world.”

- Francesca C.


"I enjoyed the medical simulation because we improved collaboration and communication skills to try and prevent a large pandemic. Also, it felt so real and it was cool to feel the actual stress these  people would have when working on these projects."

- Garrett G.

Geeta D

I saw a more matured leader in my child after going through the program.

MY Child a 7th grader attended the Youth leadership program at New York Maritime College and grateful for the content of the course, the teaching program and for the coordination itself. The program had a steep learning curve on my child providing him an opportunity to communicate , lead, follow, plan, coordinate tasks, organize his time and activities and a breakthrough of the exposure of the simulation activities in the program. He has been enrolled for the STEM program coming up this summer and we are eagerly waiting for his participation. Thank you!!

Geeta D.

Gian A

Full of leadership!

Ever since I took this leadership course, I have been applying leadership in my everyday life. For example, in school, at home, and with my friends! It was an awesome experience! Thank You!

Gian A.

NYLF Medicine
"Sean spoke to me about his experience at NYLF Medicine. I must say I never saw a student that excited! He was so impressed with the speakers from the CDC and the NIH. Being part of the program confirmed how he will continue onto medical school and become a heart surgeon. I am looking forward to recommending more students in the future."

- Giannico C. 

NYLF Medicine

"Megan had a very positive experience at the NYLF in Medicine in Houston this past June. She is very encouraged and motivated about now becoming a Registered Nurse and then a Nurse Practioner."

- Gina S.


"Damián has had an unforgettable and invaluable experience. It will contribute and reinforce his plans for the future."

- Gladys M.

NYLF Engineering & Technology

"My favorite thing about the program was how it got me to come out of my shell. At home, I tended to be more shy and reserved. This experience has made me less afraid to share my ideas with other."

Gregory A.


“The program gave me the confidence to pursue a career that I really care about without the fear of judgement. It gave me the confidence in myself to trust the choices I make.”

- Hanley E.

NYLF Engineering & Technology

"My favorite portion of the Envision Experience was being able to connect with other students who have a similar interest for careers as me."

- Harrison S.

Heather E

"Improved his self-confidence being away from home! Gave him an idea of what he wants to look for in a college environment."

Heather E. | Parent

Heather E

Excellent Experience!

My son loved his camp experience with Envision! He attended the Multi-Platform 3D game design program. He says that the instructors were very knowledgeable and friendly, and, he received extra attention when they saw that he already had basic working knowledge of the programming codes and taught him more advanced lessons. The kids are kept busy and are well supervised throughout the entire camp. The dorm and dining hall living gave him a good taste of what college will be like. He wished he could stay longer!

Heather E.

NYLF Pathways to STEM

"Skylar is ready to go back. She enjoyed every bit of it. I am so glad that she got to attend. I hope in the future I can get more children to attend."

- Heather R.


"My favourite part was the simulation because by becoming foreign minister I got to step out of my comfort zone and do something that I would have thought I never achieved."

- Helen B.


"This program has allowed me to challenge myself in new ways regarding the use of technology. Not only did I have to familiarize myself with the new technology with which I was presented- I was challenged to find ways to use the technology to meet a goal. Also, the program allowed me to explore a career in a field of interest, namely, the field of animation and programming. The challenges and the enjoyment that I experienced in the program allowed me to get a feel for a career choice that I might pursue."


Ian T

Best Expierence

This was one of the best experiences of my life. I met many of the friends that I still have today through the programs that Envision puts on. I would go back in a heartbeat!

Ian T.


“The main benefit of JrNYLC is students acquire leadership skills they will use for the rest of their lives.”

     - Ileana C., Parent of JrNYLC Alumna

Intensive Law & Trial

“The program helped me realize that I am good at something when I put my mind to it, and that I definitely want to pursue a career in law.”

       - Isabella R.

Isabelle M

Great experience!

My daughter, who is shy, wanted to participate. She had a great time, she was busy every day and to me that's important! Thank you for a wonderful program and the opportunity for my daughter to have this experience!

Isabelle M.

NYLF Medicine

"Great impact on my daughter's self-confidence about what to expect of life in college and career. This program was very well thought through."

- Ivan P.


"Envision programs help students prepare for college by giving them an opportunity to travel on their own in a highly structured environment that allows them to make good decisions."

- Fernandez J.


"Melina had a fantastic experience in Washington. Her parents are very proud, and I have seen her grow a lot since returning from her trip. She is more vocal and takes charge more. You have a wonderful program, and I hope that more of my students can attend this in the future."

- Gricco J. 

J Louis

Fantastic experience!

My daughter loved this experience! She made terrific friends, was challenged by educational activities with positive outcomes, toured historic sites, and was well supervised by incredible staff. Her only complaint was that it was too short!

J Louis


"Diedra's experience was positive, and I believe she grew in many ways, one of the most important being that the Forum helped her define what she really wants to do with her career."

- Syltie J.


"She was especially inspired by a student who had started a charity and this challenged Sarah to think about the things that she could be doing for her community to bring about positive change."

- Jade G.

Jade L


Jade had a GREAT time and is still communicating with the kids she met there. I am really glad we were able to have her take advantage of this program and I have recommended 20 of my friends to like Envision on FB and told them if there was a way for them to have their kids attend that is is well worth the money and the experience. Jade said the saddest thing was knowing that she would NEVER see them again but the kids in her group are trying to organize a reunion next summer for them to all come together again. She gained more self confidence and realized that it is OK to be smart and show it. Thank you Envision.

Jade L.

Janie S

Great experience

My teen had a great experience at Envision. He is introverted so was nervous about going. He ended up having the time of his life. This was a huge confidence builder for him.

Janie S.

Javier V

Awesome experience

I highly encourage and I'm a strong advocate of the envision program and staff. Events, saftety, guest speakers and activities are well design to help guide your child in a number of areas, problem solving, communication, teamwork, leadership, and many others. Once in a lifetime opportunities, that you and your children will discuss for a lifetime.

Javier V.


"This program was a life-changing experience for Evan. I hope that he continues to attend your program. Thank you."

- Jennalee C.

NYLF Engineering & Technology

"I met a lot of new people and was able to experience something that is hard to find in my school. To be around so many people who love engineering or who have a passion for technology was very exciting and made me more involved with the work."

- Jennifer A.

Jennifer D

"It made him comfortable with being away from home in an academic environment, gave him a taste of what college life was like, and strengthened his confidence in his career choice."

Jennifer D. | Parent

Jennifer M

How to safely cut the apron strings

My son had never been away from home before. He'll be 12 in October and he had never once been "on his own" without at least one family member around. He was nervous. God knows I was nervous. And yet, after family orientation, that all changed. Envision runs a tight ship. They have multiple things in place to ensure the safety of the children in their care, and to put parents like me at ease. My kid had the best time of his life. Whatever nerves he had were gone by the time I went to say goodbye for the week just like mine were. He came back more confident in his own abilities because he was allowed room to grow in a laid back, yet no less effective environment. He had to rely on himself and his roommates to be punctual and responsible for his own things. He's more independent. He doesn't question his reactions to things as much. He made friends that he's still keeping in touch with. I can't recommend this program enough. It really was the best thing for him, and is an experience he will carry for a lifetime. I got a week's vacation knowing that my child was in the very best of hands. Every concern and question raised was addressed and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Jennifer M.

Jennifer R

First time Envision Experience

My 11 year old daughter came back energized and so much more confident. She loved it so much that she will be attending the Washington D.C. Summit. She has done other summer camps but this tops them all. Although more expensive than others, my husband and I felt it was worth every penny.

Jennifer R.

Jessica M

Excellent program, I would highly recommend parents to send their students to this program

My daughter loved attending the NYLF:Digital Media,Film,and Journalism this June at Manhattan College. She had the opportunity to have hands on experience in Film direction and on street journalism. She had a wonderful college experience and had the opportunity to make several new friends. The faculty was wonderful and allowed the students to have an enriching experience filled with team building and independent learning.

Jessica M.


"My favorite part of this program was meeting others like me who are interested in STEM fields. It was such an awesome and unique opportunity to make friends who share my interest in academics."

- Jessica W.

NYLF Engineering & Technology

"The programming and playing of the helicopters and the robot. I got to experience how it would be like to work with mechanical engineer skills which aided me in finding out whether I enjoy that field in engineering or not."

- Jessica Y.


"She learnt how to express her own opinion clearly and stand up for her ideas. The opportunity if meeting students from other cultures and contexts made the experience truly enriching."

- Jo K.

Jodie K

Priceless Opportunity

My daughter attended an Envision Experience in June of this year (2016). I cannot find the words to express the gratitude we feel for this opportunity. She came back with much to share! She has a renewed excitement for learning, growth in confidence and is inspired to continue to actively develop her leadership skills. We were hoping this would be an investment in her future. The changes and growth we have experienced with her since she has returned has confirmed that it was all worth it!

Jodie K.


"Sydney was chosen to speak on the last day. I think it changed her life...knowing that she can make a difference."

- John M., parent

NYLF Medicine

"I enjoyed going to the medical school and touring and speaking with professors and students. It gave me the insight I needed for planning for medical school."

- John P.


"I really enjoyed the talks about college. I have a specific field that I plan on pursuing and this program really helped me gain more insight on more specific paths in this field."

- Jonathan F.


"My favorite part was being able to create new friends because it has helped with my communication skills and being more confident. Also the program was great in helping me with seeing more into the area of forensics."

- Jordan L.

NYLF Medicine

"Through the program I learned about the field of public health, which is something I have decided I want to spend the rest of my life studying."

- Joseph S.



Marietta Sixth Grade Academy 2014-2015 nominees attended the JrNYLC program in DC. Check out their experience!

Watch Video

Julia W

The best part of my summer

I would definitely suggest that anyone that can go on an Envision experience should do it! It was well organized, fun, educational, and they somehow fit it all in one short week. During the experience you get to do things that no other organization gets to do! Also the connections I have made from this experience are still going strong as I still talk to more than 5 of the friends I made while at Envision. This experience was life changing and made the summer before my senior year one of the best of my life. I would say the only downside is that because of my age I can't do anymore!!

Julia W.


"Thank you Envision for granting me the opportunity to spend this past week in DC at the National Young Leaders Conference (NYLC)!"

- Julianna F.

Julie M

Global Young Leaders a life-changing experience

My daughter attended GYLC in Washington and New York in June/July of 2016. Travelling all the way from Australia was a major commitment but completely worth it. Envision's GYLC provided a forum for her to step outside of her usual school life, to start to see the world as an adult, and to see her role in it as full of potential. She made amazing friends and grew in confidence and maturity but she also had her eyes opened to so many important social and political issues. The organisation of the conference, accomodation and communication to parents by Envision was exceptional and we never felt concerned for our daughter or left out of the loop. I would recommend this programme and envision most highly.

Julie M.


"The Envision program showed me the basics of college life, and I feel that it has endowed me with the confidence that I will be alright in college. It has also finally exposed me to the "nitty gritty" aspects of Game Design, a field in which I have always been interested in but never had the time to truly explore."



"My favorite part of the experience was when we did the Respect activity, when one steps over a line on the floor based on if the situation stated by the FA applies to them. I like this because it deepend my understanding of myself and my classmates."

- Justin R.

NYLF Advanced Medicine & Healthcare

"The hands-on activities and access to experts in the medical field made a career in medicine seem realistic and achievable to my daughter."

- Kristina B.

NYLF Pathways to STEM
Kim F.

"Our son enjoyed learning from all areas of the STEM program. Each part enabled him to grow academically and learn something new in the different fields presented throughout the week."

- Kim F.

Intensive Law & Trial

"The mock trial at the end was my daughter's favorite part and seemed to be a culmination of everything she learned in the program leading up to that."

- Kelley M.

Intensive Law & Trial

"My favorite part of this experience was the mock trial. I feel like it gave me a more insight on the field I want to go in and what it's really like to be in court. I also feel like I got to experience what it's like to be both an attorney and witness."

- Karanjot K.

Karen W

Excellent career exposure

The Envision camp on media production was fantastic for our son, who is entering his senior year in high school. He was given exposure to many aspects of film making, production, editing and publication. He was confident he wanted to "make movies" but this was his first experience with what really happens behind the scenes. He has returned home with a better definition of what he wants to do and what to look for in a college choice. Additionally, he had a wonderful time and met many new friends that he continues to communicate with. We chose this camp because he was somewhat naïve about the industry and the options available in film production. He now has a better idea of what it takes and what he wants to pursue in college. He also loved New York and came home more mature than when he left! The dorm experience was a nice prelude to college.

Karen W.


"My favorite part was the simulation for the STEM careers in Medicine. It was very fun and enjoyable. It also correctly showed how challenging life can be I some points and that you have to find a way to overcome them."

- Karimah B.

Intensive Law & Trial

"I loved being able to collaborate and assess a case with peers as if we were actually going to court, mock trial was a fantastic experience."

- Katie O.


"During the program she realised that although participants were from diverse backgrounds, they all shared similar apprehensions that slowly dissipated through interactions and the realisation that all possessed that same basic traits of humanity."

- Kendal L.

NYLF Advanced Medicine & Healthcare

"My favorite part of the experience was meeting such wonderful and amazing people that i could connect to in many ways. As for the program itself, my favorite part was going into the anatomy lab and being able to work on the human cadaver."

- Kendall L.


“GYLC gave me first-hand experience into the lives of diplomats and offered a brilliant networking opportunity.”

- Kern G.


"Attending the GYLC was the most memorable time of his life which gave him the opportunity to interact with the brightest scholars, distinguished professional and warmest individuals from all across the globe."

- Khadija M.

NYLF Advanced Medicine & Healthcare

"My favorite part of this experience was going to the trauma center and experiencing the high intensity of trauma life. Also, meeting amazing individuals who mostly have the same drive and life goals as I have."

- Kimberly M.

Kristina R

Envision provided a great experience for my child.

My child thoroughly enjoyed her experience with Envision and NYLF Medicine. She was able to experience college life. Her communication and socialization skills were strengthened. The Envision experience provided her with key information and practical advice related to her goals in the field of medicine. We look forward to participating in Envision experiences in the future.

Kristina R.

Kyle C


This program was amazing I made some great friends who I still hang with by visiting and this program changed me so much. I recommend this program to anyone

Kyle C.


"David was wildly enthusiastic about your program. He will reap benefits of the experience for a lifetime."

- DeVoss L.


"Will's experience was very positive. Will made friends that he continues to keep in touch with. I can see his confidence, sense of personal power, and responsibility expanding as a result of this experience. Thank you for all the work you do to make it possible!"

- Draper L.


"The programs challenge students to step outside their comfort zones and rise to meet high standards of responsibility, self-confidence, and action."

- Fernandez L.


"The conferences offer students a unique college experience during their pre-college years. Similar to a college setting is the chance to live and learn with like-minded individuals from varying social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. An atmosphere such as this challenges students to become collaborators and problem solvers with their peers unlike what they experience at home. This definitely primes them for a 21st century college experience."

- Lang L.

NYLF Engineering & Technology

"Blane thoroughly enjoyed NYLF Engineering & Technology. He met some interesting young friends who he remains in contact with, one from Arizona and another from New Jersey."

Larry N.


“I feel like I’m around a large group of people who are like me, who understand me, who think the same way I do, and I enjoy that very much here.”

- Lexx A.

NYLF Engineering & Technology

"I really enjoyed working on material that I was interested. In school, I'm not given much of an option, and I have to take some courses that I don't really like. But here, I actually work on material that will be beneficial to my career."

- Lonna N.

NYLF Advanced Medicine & Healthcare
Lydia W.

"I really enjoyed the visit to the trauma center. It solidified my decision to follow a premed track in college and allowed me to see the atmosphere and activities I would participate in if I were to become involved with trauma."

- Lydia W.

NYLF Medicine

"Alison actually attended the NYLF Medicine. She said it was an incredible program that she enjoyed very much."

- Lynn E. 


Envision experience

It's a wonderful summer camp to introduce your kids to real world concepts in the sciences. It's also a great way for them to meet kids from different parts of the country.

M J P.


"My favorite part of the program was the group I was in because I met a lot of great people who were just like me that helped my gain confidence and leadership skills. Also, I really enjoyed the law speakers."

- Mackenzie D.


“Envision gives you a space to talk with other people from around the country that have different perspectives… It’s a great thing to really connect and get to know other people.”

- Margaret K.

NYLF Medicine

"These Past 13 Days Have Been A Life Changing Experience Thanks To The @envisionexp Team." #NYLFMed #TryMyFuture

- Maria J.

NYLF Medicine

"I really enjoyed how much I learned about medical school and the different options I can pursue throughout college, med school, and my career. I also enjoyed making new friends who came from all across the world just to attend this forum."

- Marilyn R.


"The envision program was amazing. It opened my eyes about how there are so many job opportunities in our government and it's really changed my thoughts of where I want to go with my career path. Thank you guys so much making some of my dreams come true."

- Marissa A.


"Renato was impressed with the organization of the program and also with the students brought from all different parts of the world. I am sure it was a positive experience for Renato."

- Maristela I.

Intensive Law & Trial
Maritza Z.

"I really enjoyed preparing for the mock trial and learning about techniques used by attorneys in direct and cross examinations! I believe it was very informative and becoming an 'attorney' for a few days and learning to think like one really inspired me."

- Maritza Z.

NYLF Engineering & Technology

"Crew told me about the experience he had there this summer and said it was outstanding! He thought the overall subject matter, presentations, pace and workload were perfect.  He never was bored and he liked everything he was exposed to."

Mark W.


"After talking with Gwen and her parents, I learned that she had an invaluable experience. Not only did she get to explore and learn through a unique hands-on experience, she also was afforded the opportunity to be independent and make new friends."

- Mary C.

NYLF Medicine

"Avery attended the NYLF Medicine, and she had an amazing experience. Her enthusiasm and excitement as she shared her experience truly impressed me. She highly recommends the program and she hopes other students from our school will attend."

- Mary L.


"Great program, I sent my oldest daughter a few years ago and it was instrumental in helping my girl to impact her social environment. Both in school as well as out, she has utilized the methodologies learned up in DC. She was also able to sit and talk about real issues facing Hawaii and her generation, with Tulsi Gabbard!"

- Matt B.

NYLF Business Innovation

"My favorite part was the market place simulations because they helped us think as if we were actually adapting to a real world market with real situations"

- Megan K.

Melissa A

Highly recommended, as son had an amazingly inspiring experience.

Hands down this experience made a positive outlook for career and college direction for my son. It strengthened his leadership skills, creativity, and independence. My son spoke highly of Olin College. He talked about how much fun he had with the staff as well as a new network of friends nationally and internationally. He was smiling from ear to ear telling us about his positive experience. He enjoyed listening to the guest speakers, touring colleges in Boston, building his knowledge about his career of interest, college dorm life experience, traveling out of state, and touring a new city. It was all very motivating. As a parent, it was a learning experience for me as well. It was a very positive experience. I am so grateful the staff took very good care of my son.

Melissa A.


"Ainslie reported that the had the most amazing experience at the STEM conference."

- Melissa R.

Michele F

"He is more confident that Game Design is the career he wants to study."

Michele F. | Parent



My daughter has went on two Envision trips, one to Washington, D.C. and the current alumni program to Boston. Each time she gone she has learned more than what a year in school could teach her. It's not just about travel and American history but leadership and life goals. They also have a payment plan that works with anyone. I highly recommend the Envision trips to anyone who gets chosen to go. It's a trip the kids won't ever forget.


Michelle L

Amazing experience!

I had an amazing experience! Counting the days to return next year!

Michelle L.

NYLF Medicine

"Amy Masterson was interested in the medical field but unsure of what area would be a good fit for her. She was motivated to attend your program this year just prior to her senior year. She wanted to find the path that would help direct her with her college selections. Amy came back to school excited. She was very happy with NYLF Medicine and has found her niche: anesthesiologist. This was a great step forward for her."

- Mitch C.

NYLF Advanced Medicine & Healthcare
Morgan K.

"I enjoyed the simulation patient interview because It provided a realistic experience as to what physicians can expect. It also provided me with keen insight as to various skill sets I can improve in work on in order to better myself as a physician."

- Morgan K.

Mrs P

NYLF: Medicine Review for future parents

My teenager attended the Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine program. He was honored to be selected for this prestigious experience. The program advisors were informative, pleasant and catered to my son's interests. The event was 10 days. He traveled independently to Washington DC where he was greeted by the Envisions staff and safely transported to the Maryland campus. The program curriculum was fully loaded with lectures, medical experiences, mentors who advised them and took them on a tour of the city. Each day I was informed of his agenda by email and text. My son was roomed with another student who supported him and they enjoyed the day's activities with many other students. When I spoke with my son after each evening, he responded with excitement, new experiences and friendships. As a parent, I would highly recommend this program to anyone's high schooler who is looking to enrich their learning and future leadership. Kudos to the who Envision team!

Mrs P.

NYLF Medicine

"Andrea attended the NYLF Medicine program. She enjoyed the small group interaction as well as several guest speakers including the cardiothoracic surgeon and gynecologist. Her medical knowledge was expanded during the mock triage including interesting facts to know during surgeries. She plans to attend the Advanced summer program in 2016."

- Mychel J.

Nadine B

My sons one word for trip...... AWESOME!!!

Wish they had this program when I was in school. My son made so many new friends and contacts he will have for a lifetime. Opened his eyes to what is out there in the world. Thanks Envision.

Nadine B.



It was definitely a one of a kind experience! I met so many friends all over the world, and even today we still communicate almost every day! The activities were fun, eye-opening, and very educating. The excursions were fantastic, and running around Washington D.C and New York forged unforgettable memories with friends.



"According to him, it was an eye-opener to the beautiful possibility of putting people from around the globe together and creating plans for the future."

- Nicole C.

International Scholar Laureate Program

"This trip has really opened my eyes to new ideas and to a new way of living life."

- O. Wildrick

Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit

“Having a cultured group of kids who all want to be here, and love to be here… You’re with people that care, and its that sense of community that you have and a connection on that level that makes Envision so great.”

- Orion T.

NYLF Engineering & Technology

"My favorite part was learning Python. Even though it was challenging, it allowed me to learn a new language that I can practice on and use later in my engineering career, if I choose to be an engineer."

- Orlino R.

NYLF Pathways to STEM

"My daughter loved being on her own for a week. I really love the new independence that this program has taught her."

- Pebble C.


"Beth is a wonderful young lady with many positive qualities. I am very pleased she was able to attend and receive a wonderful experience. She is an outstanding leader with a great future ahead of her! She worked very hard to be able to attend! Congratulations Beth! You have gained more knowledge and made great memories!"

- Pam D.


"Michael was glowing about how much he enjoyed the experience, how much he learned, and how it affirmed what he wanted to further study as a career."

- P. Yates

Pamela N

Money well spent

I went on the program not knowing what exactly to expect but at the end of the program, I became better informed along the line of career I would want to study for. I was matched with the best group that brought out the very best in me. Made friends that I know that when out paths crossed in the future we can take off from where we left off. It was truly money well spent for me. Wished the program would have lasted longer.

Pamela N.


"My favorite part of this experience was that idea that I was a college student for a week because I was always interested in what college was like and this gave me a good idea."

- Paul C.

NYLF Engineering & Technology

"I really liked the workshops and simulation exercises, especially the digital electronics and helicopter activities. I'm taking a class in digital electronics at my school next semester and this made me more ready and excited for it. Also, the helicopter workshop."

- Paulina I.


"Confidence is the most important benefit a student achieves from attending an Envision program. This comes in many forms: the courage to voice your opinion in a room full of strangers, the initiative to work and lead in a new group of students, and in general, the courage…to learn something new."

- R. Perillo

International Scholar Laureate Program

"This event has been a life-changing experience. I am truly grateful to be a part of the change."

- R. Tompkins


"Brody thought it was exciting and he learned a lot about team building and leadership. He said that all the other students were nice, and they seemed to make friends fast. He said he would do this program again and will recommend it to his friends."

- Renae L.

Rebecca P

Building Character

My son had an awesome experience attending the Envision engineering technology camp at Berkeley University. He was able to get a first hand experience at college life and work with a team of individuals that helped built his character. I am so pleased with this program and would hope that you continue this program so that my daughter can attend in the future. It was worth all the expense.

Rebecca P.


"Also by participating in the meetings he gained a better vision of the future. It's been a most rewarding experience and I am looking forward to GYLC 2016!"

- Rocio A.


Envision Medicine School iin Houston, Texas

Our daughter experience at Medicine school in Houston, Texas was PHENOMENAL. She returned home very inspired and encouraged to work hard to accomplish her goal to become a doctor. The hands on experience, simulator, and speeches were awesome. She met several students who want to become a doctor whom she can continue to collaborate with in the future. Several of the Physicians and Envision staff provided their contact information for students to reach out to them with any questions. The curriculum covered over the 9 days period were educational and worth the expense. The Envision staff is very professional and knowledge about their program. Every person that I spoke with at Envision treated me with dignity and respectful. We look forward to her attending Advanced Medical School in the future



"My student, Daemen, enjoyed his trip to the NYLF very much. He has shared with me his experience and that he is planning on coming back next year. It made a very positive impact on him with his studies and work in my classroom especially."

- S. Uyehara
NYLF Advanced Medicine & Healthcare

"My favorite part of the program was visiting the University of Maryland Medical School and learning about the medical school then visiting the anatomy lab in the medical lab. I also enjoyed meeting other students who were like minded and equally as passionate."

- Sabrina K.

Sabrina M

NYLF- worth every penny

When I was preparing for this trip, I was very nervous about meeting people and what I would be doing. Needless to say, it happened to be one of the best times of my life. Not only did I learn tons and have fun, I left with many life long friends. The experience was one I will never forget.

Sabrina M.

Saiyun W

Excellent Program for College Experience and Skill Enhancement

I would highly recommend this program to any parents that would like their child to improve skills of leadership, communication, and teamwork. Through this program, my child envisioned what their future career would be and is more confident in being independent after spending a week on his own on a college campus.

Saiyun W.

NYLF Pathways to STEM

"Vlada enjoyed studying CSI, Medical and Engineering/Robotics. It seems she had a very positive learning experience and felt it helped her think about inventions and how to help people in an effective way."

- Sally B.

Samantha A


I had an awesome experience! I have met so many great people when I went to Washington D.C. for the Law & CSI. I would recommend anyone that is interested in that field. The teachers were phenomenal! My group leader was so kind and fun to be around. If I could travel back in time and relive that whole thing again, I would do it in a heart beat.

Samantha A.


"My favorite part was the mock trial we put on because it sparked even more of a love for law."

- Samantha F.


"Natalie loved her time this summer at the NYLF Explore STEM program.  She was super excited about her experience and told me that she would remember it for a lifetime."

- Sandy S.

NYLF Engineering & Technology

"My favorite part of this program experience was getting to interact with people of different cultures. I believe that getting to know people who are different is vital to developing leadership skills."

- Sanjidah H.


"The most favorite part of this program experience was listening to the speakers because they gave me insight on the field i want to go into and the steps I need to take to get there."

- Sarah A.

NYLF Advanced Medicine & Healthcare

"My favorite part of the program was when the neuroethics speaker spoke to us about the brain. I loved it because he was very energetic and fun, and also his speech about the correlation of the brain, the self, and the mind was very insightful."

- Sarah D.

NYLF Medicine

"Caroline had a fantastic experience attending this forum and felt that she had a positive experience that really helped her define and solidify her aspiration to go into the medical field."

- Sean R.


"João has returned to school (in Brazil) with a great new perspective on leadership! He has shared with me that he will be applying the concepts that he learned during the event."

- Shalomir S.

NYLF Medicine

"Getting to see how much more there is to medicine than she thought. She had to use communication and critical thinking more than science at times."

- Shawnette A.

NYLF Medicine

"It gave him more self confidence and a clearer direction as far as what he needs to do to get where he wants to be."

- Sherrill T.

Simon D


I thought that this experience was extremely motivating to me and others that were there. I attended the Youth Leadership forum in October of 2015. It was great getting to listen to the speakers and travel around the capital. I would go again if I could.

Simon D.

NYLF Medicine

"Kevin thoroughly enjoyed the conference. He liked that he met so many people from different states. He was impressed with the knee surgery experience. the conference confirmed his goal of medicine. He is not sure yet what area he will be focus on."

- Sister R. 


"Douglas enjoyed JrNYLC. It was the first time he had been away from home, but he felt at home. It was an opportunity not only to go to Washington D.C., but also to meet people from all over the country, experience fun simulations, and create a memory that will last forever."

- Sonya O.


"My favorite part of this experience was when we created a simulation of when Bird Flu started infecting people. This was my favorite because we got to collaborate as a class and see how a real crisis would be dealt with."

- Sophia G.


"Irene had a great experience attending the GYLC Program. She explored new worlds! Her first comments were about the 'wonderful and smart kids' she met."

- Stamatia M.


"Asher came home with renewed interests and a desire to start a coding club at his school."

Stephanie | Parent

Stephanie S

Envision Program Highly Recommended

The experience our daughter has had with this program has been life changing. Throughout the past 4 years, she has been involved with this program she has been able to travel, learn new skills, and help further her education. Highly recommend!!

Stephanie S.


"He is visibly more enthusiastic about tasks he has encountered. I believe the Global Young Leaders Conference has also helped him to develop better communication skills and therefore, he does not shy away from responsibility as much as he used to."

- Stephen B.


"The diversity of students who attend was spectacular, I arrived with 4 students from my own school and honestly didn't see them the entire trip because I made such incredible friends from my LGM group."

- Stine I.


"Kenneth felt that the program gave him a sense of freedom and independence. Of the STEM area focused on each day for a week, the robotics section was the most interesting."

- Susan F.

Sydney N

Amazing Opportunity

This opportunity and experience changed my life. I learned so many important things at Envision's NYLF: Medicine. It has and will continue to impact my life. If you are trying to decide whether to embark on this adventure, I strongly urge you to take this path. Envision is great and amazing opportunity to share your passion and dedication with other hard working, confident students who share your love whether it be in medicine or another field.You'll meet new friends (and stay in contact with them even after the conference is over) and find new skills and characteristics that will lead to self-development and self-discovery. You will absolutely love it. I sure did. Everyday I yearn for the chance to go back and relive it. Savor it. Cherish it. Love it. Live it. You won't regret it.

Sydney N.


"Amber had a life-changing experience in your program. Upon her return, she came in to all of my Anatomy classes and spoke to them in detail of the knowledge and experience she gained, the contacts she made, and overall how wonderful the event was. Thank you for providing our students with this great opportunity!"

- T. Caracciolo               


"Envision prepares students for the college experience by living on a college campus and actually experiencing the sights, sounds, and students."

- Donovan T.


"At GYLC, we not only learned how to become great leaders but also made so many lifelong friends. It inspires you to be the change you want to see in the world."

- Tanvi B.

Tasha S

Pretty Amazing

Our 11 yo son learned a lot at the NYLF STEM Camp. He didn't just learn about STEM topics, he learned leadership, planning, working with others, and fine-tuned his social skills. NYLF staff were informative, knowledgeable, and caring.

Tasha S.


One of the best weeks of my life!

NYLC (one of the numerous Envision programs) was not only one of the best learning experiences I've had, but also one of the best weeks of my life to this date! You get to meet so many quality people and are offered so many unique opportunities that you couldn't find elsewhere.



"All in all, it was a very positive experience for her and she is most appreciative of having the opportunity to be involved."

- Teresa B.

International Scholar Laureate Program

"This experience was something that will stay a part of my life forever. It has opened doors for long-lasting friendships brought together from all walks of life from different parts of the world."

- E. Terrell Smith

Terri D

Awesome Experience

My daughter attended the Envision program in Boston and it was not only an informative experience but interactive and fun. She made new friends and can't wait to attend camp next summer.

Terri D.


"My FAVORITE part of the program was the PRESIDENTIAL simulation. I liked it because it was very fun and challenging"

- Tiffany W.


"GYLC provided her with necessary tools, knowledge and skills to enable her to be of good contribution to the organizations she belongs to."

- Timothy C.


"Harriett truly enjoyed the experience and found it to be interesting and stimulating with regard to communication processes, social interaction, teamwork and some aspects/elements relating to leadership qualities and skills requirements."

- Tony C.


"I really enjoyed hearing from an array of different jobs in the carrer field. I think it really helped me in preparation for applying to colleges and deciding what it is i would like to do."

- Toria D.


"Had one of the best times in my life at #GYLC. Every one should go, its a step ahead into the future! @envisionexp"

- @LC_fm


"The Press Panel was the highlight of my time here at Envision. It truly was an amazing opportunity and provided me with the insight of a future job path I may want to pursue."

- Tyler M.


"Before I came here, I was incredibly nervous and thought I wouldn't enjoy this. The forced public speaking activities and being around people with the same interests as me, helped me not be shy. I have never been this social or been able to speak in front of a group like I did while I was here. I also learned how much I love programming, as whenever I finished one part of our game, I would be extremely excited to take on the next coding challenge. After I was introduced to coding in Unity, I found myself staying up late (probably more than I should have) to code and would sometimes sit on my bed just theory crafting new ways to make certain things work in Unity. I never expected to become so addicted to coding so fast."


NYLF Pathways to STEM

"Kiana was very excited about the program. She said she enjoyed every day & everything that she did. She also told me she is looking forward to having the opportunity to participate again."

- Tyna H.


A Fantastic Experience- Excellent Program

Our 10 yr old son was nominated to attend the Envision Pathways to STEM camp this summer. It was very well organized, had plenty of curriculum and content for a solid week of learning but didn't feel like school. He had opportunities to do things he will likely not get through public school and by attending the camp he is now an alumni and can attend any of the offered programs. It was worth the money, the Envision team was very easy to work with and our son had a very positive experience. It boosted his confidence, taught him about leadership, goal setting and allowed him to interact with kids from other states and backgrounds.

V W.


"My favorite part was experiencing all the new things. This is unlike anything I've ever done, I'm extremely proud of how my self confidence grew. I think I changed drastically and I really enjoyed that part of the program. Making new friends was great"

Victoria I.


"I believe, his exposure given by GYLC to diverse socio-cultural groups enable Raphael to relate to different people regardless of their ethnicity, socio-economic status, or political belief."

- Virzon S.

Intensive Law & Trial
Wendy W.

"Allowing my daughter the opportunity to experience a possible career option prior to entering college. The program also afforded her the opportunity to work on a college level and interact with a wide array of students while still in high school."

- Wendy W.

JrNYLC Alumni program

"JrNYLC Alumni has given me the inspiration and motivation to pursue leadership and service opportunities that seemed unreachable; and have taught me skills that I use every day, and now, teach to others.”

-Will E.

NYLF Medicine

"My favorite part was when my group went to Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation, and Education (MITIE) because the simulations were fascinating and realistic simulations that doctors themselves used to improve their surgical skills. Also, I'm from Houston therefore it showed me possible places to volunteer."

- Xochitl L.

Yasmin R

Opportunity of a Lifetime

My daughter is still talking to anyone who will listen about her experience! As a parent I am extremely happy with Envision. Anytime I had a question, someone was always happy to answer and explain. I was never put on hold or transferred. Any worries or concerns I had were quickly relieved. I even received an email, at my husbands request, confirming payment was made for the shuttle bus from and to the airport just so we can feel comfortable sending our daughter 3,000 miles away! The stories my daughter has shared with us are priceless. To hear her talk about med sessions, intubating, seminars, and "the campus life" makes me so proud of her and happy we let her go. We are already planning and saving for next year!

Yasmin R.


"This program really helped me solidify my interest in the Game/ App Development Computer Science field. It helped expose me to different tools I'll need to succeed in the future and ideas on how to achieve what I want to achieve. I really love that I learned so much here and the program has given me a greater motivation to take initiative and work on my skills on my own as well."


Yvette O

My son had a phenomenal time at Envision. Tons of hands-on experience, great guest speakers, fun outings and an amazing staff.

Yvette O.