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The Impact of Nominating

Since 1985, Envision has helped more than 800,000 high-achieving students, ranging from elementary school through college, expand their leadership abilities, discover their passion for a future career, build life-ready success skills, and realize the power of their potential. A majority  of those students were nominated by caring, inspiring teachers who recognized their potential for a bright future and rewarded them with a nomination to an Envision program.

The value and positive impact your nomination has on a student cannot be overstated. Even if your nominees decide not to attend a program, just being selected is an empowering and often a life-changing event. You have the power to make an impact -- your vote of confidence in their hard work and dedication builds confidence and inspires them to keep reaching their goals.

Already nominated students for our summer programs? Log into the Educator Portal to view your student nominees, update your profile, and more.

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Featured Content

Envision Your Classroom Contest

We're pleased to introduce the winners of the 2019 Envision Your Classroom Contest! Each winner will receive a $1000 grant to take their vision for creating a hands-on classroom experience to life. Read their proposals and stay tuned for future updates as they begin bringing their hand-on experiences to life! 

TEACHER VOICE: Why that chatty student could become president of the United States

The very behaviors that educators often work to suppress in the classroom may be critical to students’ success in the workforce. How can classroom teachers balance their roles in preparing students to meet the interpersonal and leadership demands of the new economy with classroom management?

The Environment is Virtual, The Experience is Real

We are excited to share our “learning by doing” approach to virtual reality (VR) and hope that it will help educators who want to embed VR in their lessons to avoid pitfalls and roll-out the sort of engaging learning opportunities that VR can offer students of all ages.

Employment Opportunities

Envision hires more than 800 educators and professionals every summer to facilitate, teach, enable, and empower transformational experiences for our students. Our programs are as fulfilling for our staff as they are for our scholars, and many teachers come back to work for Envision year after year. Click on "View Jobs" to learn more about current opportunities.

Educator Testimonials

“I looked at Envision and saw something special, an extraordinary opportunity to empower kids, let them explore a career, and develop the skills they need to succeed.”

– Thomas S. Tucker, PH. D, Superintendent Princeton City Schools, Ohio and AASA National Superintendent of the Year, 2016

“Diedra's experience was positive, and I believe she grew in many ways, one of the most important being that the Forum help her define what she really wants to do with her career.”

- J. Syltie, MST, Math/Engineering Teacher and National Honor Society Adviser, Brookings, SD

“Amber had a life-changing experience in your program. Upon her return, she came in to all of my Anatomy classes and spoke to them in detail of the knowledge and experience she gained, the contacts she made, and overall how wonderful the event was. Thank you for providing our students with this great opportunity!”

- T. Caracciolo, M.Ed., Science Department Chair, North Port, FL