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The Impact of Nominating

For 30 years, more than 800,000 students—elementary through college—have participated in Envision career preparation and leadership development programs. A large number of those students were nominated by caring, inspiring teachers who saw their potential for a bright future.

The value and positive impact your nomination has on a student cannot be overstated. Even if your nominees decide not to attend a program, your vote of confidence in their hard work and dedication builds confidence and inspires them to keep reaching their goals. LEARN MORE

Youth Pulse Survey: Results

Will I be Successful
Today's Youth Envision a Bright Future

Envision’s new Youth Pulse research white paper “Youth Believe They Will Surpass Their Parents,” reveals that children believe they will fare better than their parents.  Parents are less optimistic.

The full paper also examines students’ challenges in the coming year, their views on success and visions, and the impact college majors can make on their future. See the full infographic and DOWNLOAD the white paper today!

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You’ve dedicated your life and career to our nation’s youth. You spend hours grading papers, preparing lesson plans, and staying current on the latest in education. We know that this job takes time and commitment, but we also know that your students’ successes—large or small—make it so worthwhile.

As a way to better assist you in your everyday work of giving students real world experiences and the inspiration to find their passion, we invite you to take advantage of the Envision Educator Resource Center.

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Featured Content from the Resource Center

If I Had a Hammer: Spotlight on Experiential Math Lessons
If I Had a Hammer: Spotlight on Experiential Math Lessons

Get new ideas for engaging "extra-classroom" activities that help students gain basic math skills.  SEE ACTIVITIES

Youth Believe They Will Surpass Their Parents

Envision’s new Youth Pulse research white paper “Youth Believe They Will Surpass Their Parents” examines students’ future hopes, visions, potential successes, and challenges.  LEARN MORE

Should Students Pick Their Own Reading Assignments?
Should Students Pick Their Own Reading Assignments?

Case studies on students picking their own reading assignments. What's your opinion?  WEIGH IN

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You’ve dedicated yourself to a career that allows you to steer your passion into action—working diligently every day to impact students’ lives and prepare them for success. In recognition of all that you do, we offer:

Summer Employment

Be a part of the Envision Summer Team to keep your passion going all year long. LEARN MORE

Bring Envision to Your Classroom

Invite an Envision alum to speak to your class about their experience and accomplishments. LEARN MORE

Nominate a Peer

Give your fellow educators the chance to feel great about setting their students on a path toward their future! LEARN MORE


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Marietta Sixth Grade Academy 2014-2015 nominees attended the JrNYLC program in Washington, DC.  Hear from parents and students about their experience.

Watch Video from Kerbie C., School Counselor

"Diedra's experience was positive, and I believe she grew in many ways, one of the most important being that the Forum help her define what she really wants to do with her career."

- J. Syltie, MST, Math/Engineering Teacher and National Honor Society Adviser, Brookings, SD

"Amber had a life-changing experience in your program. Upon her return, she came in to all of my Anatomy classes and spoke to them in detail of the knowledge and experience she gained, the contacts she made, and overall how wonderful the event was. Thank you for providing our students with this great opportunity!"

- T. Caracciolo, M.Ed., Science Department Chair, North Port, FL