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Experience Your Field from a Global Perspective

Join college and university students from around the world on a journey of discovery to one of the most exciting destinations in the world. As an ISLP Scholar, you will engage in a career-focused study detailing the history and global impact of your field, while broadening your horizons in a foreign culture. You will also have the opportunity to uncover your destination’s cultural treasures and explore its modern-day wonders.


About the International Scholar Laureate Program

Gain an International Perspective on Your Career

Imagine opening an interview with a true story about the day you debated multilateral relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing, discussed bush medicine in Australia, or hydroelectricity with an engineer at the Three Gorges Dam. In our increasingly competitive world, this is the advantage you need—both in the interview and the career that follows. It is this experience that the International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP) is all about, and it could be yours.

With delegations on Business & Entrepreneurship, Engineering & Technology, International Relations & Diplomacy, Medicine & Science, and Nursing & Healthcare, the International Scholar Laureate Program will take you to exotic locations and give you exceptional life and career experiences.

Alumni of this engaging and exciting opportunity consistently say that their ISLP experience has given them a competitive edge in their careers.

By completing this program, you are eligible to receive college credit from George Mason University.

Real-life Experience

Look at your chosen career field through the lens of your host country by participating in site visits and discussions with host nation students, professors and leaders. You’ll gain a new perspective on the global economy and your future in it.

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of your host country as you explore compelling destination highlights and experience a new culture.

Explore historically and culturally significant sites, hear fascinating lectures, and participate in carefully developed activities and group discussions with fellow students and Faculty Advisors who are professionals in your career field.

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A World of Exploration

Select your delegation and your destination and gain an international perspective on your career. LEARN MORE

Business & Entrepreneurship

The International Scholar Laureate Program on Business & Entrepreneurship will provide you with special access to the business centers and boardrooms where entrepreneurs are developing the businesses models of the future. LEARN MORE

Engineering & Technology

The International Scholar Laureate Program on Engineering & Technology will take you to the sites and cities where engineers are developing, improving, and testing the ideas and approaches that will impact the future of engineering. LEARN MORE

International Relations & Diplomacy

The International Scholar Laureate Program on International Relations & Diplomacy will introduce you to the foreign officials, ministries, and experts who are shaping the future of diplomacy. You will return with a broader perspective on global relations and an international insight that will distinguish you from your peers. LEARN MORE

Medicine & Science

The International Scholar Laureate Program on Medicine & Science will introduce you to the doctors and specialists whose ideas and approaches will impact the future of medicine. Discover how medicine is practiced in different parts of the world, and what you learn may impact how you practice medicine one day! LEARN MORE

Nursing & Health Care

The International Scholar Laureate Program on Nursing & Health Care will introduce you to the nurses and health care professionals who are shaping the future of health care. Experience hospitals and clinics beyond your own borders, and gain a cross-cultural insight on the delivery of health care. LEARN MORE