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Rehaana R.

Alumna, NYLF Explore STEM 2014
Alumna, NYLF Engineering & Technology 2015

"I get to be around people with the same goals as me. In school, I’m not usually surrounded by kids that have the same goals as me. In these conferences, it’s a safe zone.”

Q&A with Rehaana

  • What are your future goals?
    I want to be in the medical field because I was a premature baby and I had a lot of medical issues. As I’ve gotten older, my dad has spoken about my grandpa being a pharmacist and he encouraged me to pursue medicine. I like the idea of helping [others].

    When I went to the STEM conference, I found the option of being a medical engineer interesting and I want to research that more. There are a lot of options out there and I just need to explore them all more. I want to be prepared for my career as much as possible. I think it’s practical at this age to learn more, so I’m not clueless as a senior.

  • What was the best thing about your program experience?
    At NYLF Explore STEM, I learned about science, technology and engineering. The speakers were great – I learned so much. My favorite location was Boston. I love Boston, which seems like a second home and there are so many universities there.
  • What was the highlight of your Envision experience?
    My favorite part is meeting new people. The conferences I’ve attended have been mostly East Coast people, and I get the feeling of how things are on the other side of the States. I love to be surrounded by other people. Talking to NYLF Explore STEM folks was great. I learned so much and I get to be around people with the same goals as me. In school, I’m not usually surrounded by kids that have the same goals as me. In these conferences, it’s a safe zone. I also like the food! It’s comforting and makes me feel at home.
  • How was attending the program different than learning in a traditional classroom?
    I’m more of a hands-on learner and understand things visually. I learn in different ways and need to hear it a few times to understand it. In a classroom, I can zone out. In the experiential learning environment, I can see, touch and understand it better. I prefer that environment.

    Plus, the staff is really nice and they communicate well with us. My school teachers don’t have time to talk to students as they are busy doing administrative tasks. At the conferences, the faculty have time to give students one-on-one time with us. I see them as a second parent or a friend

  • How have the programs positively affected you?
    I was very nervous at my first conference. I’m not as nervous anymore. It has helped my self-confidence. I think I get more positive vibes after my attending. I pass information on that I learned from the conferences and try to be a positive influence for environmental issues. I take part in community events and help pick up trash in my school and community.
  • Would you tell other students about attending an Envision program?
    Yes, I would recommend a program that would pique their interest, and tell them about what I learned, what I did, friends I’ve kept in contact with and that it doesn’t matter if you’re shy or not, you still make friends. The Faculty Advisors facilitate the classes and friendship.
  • What inspires you as a young leader?
    It may sound weird but I’m inspired by YouTubers who use the internet in a positive way by promoting their favorite charity. They help their fans by making them laugh or tell them that there are beautiful or that they have been through a tough situation and it gets better. They also are doing what they love so passionately by taking risks and posting videos online. YouTubers fans like me can come home after a rough day at school and finish my homework, go on my YouTube account and watch something. Sometimes, I am in tears of laughter and joy because of how much it makes me feel better.
  • What was the most important/interesting thing that you learned while attending?

    Miss Jessica, my NYLF Explore STEM Faculty Advisor, asked us questions to think about things differently and encouraged us to change the way you think.

  • Are you doing anything really cool right now?
    Yes – I’m cutting my hair off and donating it to Locks of Love! I was inspired to help kids who are sick because sick kids inspire me. They are strong and well-hearted even though they go through so much daily.