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The Envision Philosophy

We believe in the Power of Potential—the idea that all students have the power to live their dreams, make an impact, and change the world. While technological advances are reshaping career paths, they are creating new opportunities for students to explore their future.

Our career, technology, and leadership programs are designed to prepare students to turn their career and life aspirations into reality. Each program is developed by educators and subject-matter professionals and adheres to the five key beliefs of our instructional philosophy:

  1. Learning by doing breeds passion
  2. A variety of experiences is the spice of life
  3. Big, juicy questions drive deep thinking and leaps of learning
  4. Portable skills unlock the future
  5. Building and following a roadmap leads to achievement

Studies show that hands-on educational experiences foster critical thinking skills that positively impact students’ college acceptance and lead to a more successful and confident transition into life after college. Grounded firmly in research and best practices, every Envision program is deliberately designed to be immersive, fun, and create a life-long positive impact. Our programs follow the Envision Way, a three-tier curricular approach that includes the Academy, Lab, and Arena.

The Envision Way

Academy: Part of Envision's three-tiered curricular approach


"Lock-in" new skills and concepts through immersive learning and exploration.

Lab: Part of Envision's three-tiered curricular approach


Build creativity and critical thinking skills by participating in dynamic hands-on simulations.

Arena: Part of Envision's three-tiered curricular approach


Shine among your peers while presenting solutions and competing in a public platform.

Using innovative tools and techniques, our activities mirror real-world challenges and facilitate critical thinking and communication among the groups. The Envision experience ENGAGES students through interactive and multi-sensory experiences; EQUIPS them for success in college, career, and life in the global 21st century; and EMPOWERS them to take responsibility for their future and make an impact.

Envision students live their dreams: conducting mock trials, diagnosing patients, building robots, investigating crime scenes, creating video games, producing and directing films, planning international development, or preventing international conflict.

Envision Programs are:

  • Safe and secure learning experiences
  • Accredited and research-based
  • Designed around cognitive learning and active engagement
  • Relevant, innovative, rigorous, and fun
  • Project-focused and based around problem solving and leadership building
  • Attended by 10,000 students at top academic locations each year

Implemented by experienced education professionals and a highly trained and well-vetted staff.