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Matthew A.

Alumnus, JrNLYC 2012
Alumnus, JrNYLC Alumni 2013
Alumnus, National Young Leaders State Conference 2014

"I went to JrNYLC Alumni Boston thinking it would be just like JrNYLC, but I was wrong. This conference really made me think, and towards the end, I realized that it doesn't take someone with a lot of power to make a difference."

Matthew’s journey with Envision started in 2012, when he attended JrNYLC at the National 4-H Center. His group started an anti-bullying movement that he took back to Ohio with him and created GRAB Ohio, which impacted his community until July 2015. He credits his experience, leadership skills and the group project with helping many people. Matthew stays busy with Boy Scouts, marching band, student government, the Order of the Arrow, Quiz bowl and Science Olympiad. In the future, he plans on attending other leadership conferences, including NYLC and GYLC.

Q&A with Matthew