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Seize Your Future

For over 30 years, Envision has been a valued resource for students with high academic achievement and a desire to build a focused plan for their future. Students who attend Envision programs are bright, engaged, and forward thinking.  Many students come to our programs with already defined career goals, while others are still looking to explore different options.  Both types of students benefit from Envision programs – what’s important to us is that our students are motivated, excited to collaborate with other like-minded students, and ready to “Carpe Futurum,” or “Seize Your Future.”

If you’ve already received an invitation to attend an Envision program, you do not need to apply. Click here to enroll.

How to be invited to an Envision Program

Nominated by a Teacher

  • Teachers, guidance counselors, coaches and other mentors can nominate you for attendance.
  • Call our Office of Admissions to find out if there are teachers who nominate in your school.
  • Click here to learn more about nominating, or designate a teacher as a nominator here.

Selected through a college partnership

  • Students who have the right combination of academic achievement and career interest are selected through partnerships with our accrediting universities, and will receive invitations to attend Envision programs during the school year.

Apply for Admission

  • Students who have not already received an invitation are encouraged to apply for admission.
  • There is no cost to apply and the process should take no more than 20 minutes.
If you received an invitation in the mail, it means you have been nominated or selected, and do not need to apply. Click here to enroll

What is the Admissions Criteria?

For students not nominated by a teacher or selected by a university partner, the Envision Admissions Board makes selections based on a combination of the following:

Academic Achievement: 3.0 GPA or equivalent or teacher recommendation 

Leadership Potential: Demonstrated by extracurricular activities 

Career Aspirations: Indicated by two short essays

Are There Application Deadlines?

Yes. There are three application perio
ds, each of which has an application deadline and decision date. See the chart below for the dates.

 Deadline Application Due:  Decision Date:
 Early Decision 1  October 15, 2017  November 1, 2017
 Early Decision 2
 November 15, 2017  December 1, 2017
 Regular  January 15, 2018  February 1, 2018

What Happens After I Apply

All applications will be reviewed by our Enrollment team. Application reviews will be handled on a rolling basis, and we are committed to providing a decision within two weeks of your application being received. However, it may take longer if a teacher recommendation is required.

Upon acceptance, you will receive a student id that can be used to enroll in your selected Envision program.

If Accepted, is My Spot Guaranteed?

Unfortunately, due to the limited space available in each program, the only way to guarantee your spot is to complete your enrollment. At the time of enrollment, you will have the option to either pay your tuition in full or secure your spot with a deposit. Additionally, all enrollments are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Because of this, we encourage students to complete their applications as soon as possible to ensure that there will be available space to enroll if accepted.