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 Gain a Global Perspective

Spend ten amazing days in Washington, DC and New York City where you will adopt in-demand leadership skills, gain diverse perspectives from peers from around the world, and connect with global issues leaders. Join other students from around the country and world for this extraordinary opportunity to step into the role of a global leader, learn from and interact with subject matter experts, study the art of cross-cultural communication, and be empowered to fully realize the power of your potential.

About the Global Young Leaders Conference 

World Experiences for 21st Century Leaders

Set yourself apart in today’s globally competitive world. At the Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC), you will be inspired to expand your horizons by fully exploring cultural differences, gaining firsthand exposure to the challenges of international diplomacy, developing your passion for international affairs while exploring a future career, and gaining a fresh, new global perspective.

This 10-day leadership journey provides an out-of-classroom learning experience and rigorous curriculum that equips students from across the United States and more than 145 countries with the confidence, independence, skills, and global competitiveness required of the next generation of leaders.

At GYLC, you will develop into a true global citizen, acquire in-demand leadership skills, and get the travel experience of a lifetime — all in just 10 days. You will have the opportunity to visit international embassies, participate in Global Issues Workshops in which leading authorities present various 21st century challenges impacting our world, and hone the communication, decision-making, and negotiation skills you need to be a 21st century world leader.

By completing this program, you are eligible to receive college credit from George Mason University.

Experiences That are Truly Global

Explore Cultural Differences

Embrace diverse cultures and learn to appreciate how others see the world by taking part in cultural exchanges, site visits, and thought-provoking question and answer sessions designed to expand your world-view.

Be a Global Citizen

Gain rich insights into current issues and examine strategies for success in an ever-evolving global community.

Gain In-Demand Cross-Cultural Skills

Learn to overcome challenges, analyze your values, stretch your capabilities, and hone your leadership skills during role-playing simulations focusing on current issues of global significance.

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Site Visits

See where the decisions are made. Visit international embassies and the Department of State in Washington, DC, and the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

Cultural Travel Experience

Explore the nation’s capital and its landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, and Smithsonian Institute. In New York City, visit distinguished museums such as the MET, MoMa, and Guggenheim, and enjoy a dinner cruise on the New York Harbor where you can catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty.

Interact with Leaders

Make new self-discoveries and international friends as you work side-by-side with peers and experts from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Learn from and exchange ideas with some of the world's top business leaders, policy officials, lobbyists, journalists, diplomats, and academics.

Real World Simulations

Hone your skills in communication, decision-making, goal setting, and negotiation, and put them into practice in a real-world simulation – the Global Summit, which may be held at the United Nations Headquarters. This is your chance to step into the role of a global leader as you act as a diplomat representing a country on international commissions, with the goal of bringing people together to come to a consensus on an issue of worldwide importance.


2018 Program Details

Washington, DC & New York, NY Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel in Arlington, VA & St. John's University in New York City June 18-27 | July 2-11 | July 16-25 GMU College Credit
Cultural Extension
Tuition includes room & board, site visits & transportation during program, lectures, simulations, curriculum & materials, and faculty & staff.


Tuition Tuition for GYLC covers most of the expenses incurred during the conference. Tuition DOES NOT cover transportation to and from the program. LEARN MORE


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Payment Plan

Payment Plan

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"For me, that is the magic of GYLC: understanding cultural division, respect and coexisting with other people's beliefs." 

– via Twitter

"Claudia told us about her experience at the Global Young Leaders Conference, and we can witness how this has helped her grow as a person.  Not only has she learned a lot about international affairs, but has also established a great international network of friends and partners.  We are sure, after talking to her, that this experience will enhance her leadership skills, her use of the English language, her knowledge of this globalized world."

- Edistio C.

"Arslan defines the two weeks at GYLC as 'an experience like none other.' He gained valuable insight into the workings of major international organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank, and developed friendships that he is going to cherish for the rest of his life. But foremost, he came to realize his responsibility as a global citizen. Arslan has become more resolute to make an active contribution... beyond the borders of his country."

- Khadija M.


  • Is the Global Young Leaders Conference right for me?

    This summer program is for you if you are a high-achieving student between the ages of 15-19 who has demonstrated academic achievement and leadership potential. The Global Young Leaders Conference is your springboard to investigating exciting career possibilities and leadership roles on a global scale. To attend GYLC, you must be between the ages of 15–19. Many of our students are nominated by educators, leaders from youth organizations, Envision alumni, and participating institutions, but open enrollments are welcome from qualified students who want to make the most of this opportunity. 

  • What is included in tuition?

    Tuition for the Global Young Leaders Conference includes housing, conference materials, two meals per day and private motor coach transportation during the program.

    Transportation to and from home and the program location is NOT included in tuition. While attending the program, you will only need money for one meal per day, souvenirs and other incidentals.

  • What official government documentation to I need to attend the program?
    • If you are NOT a U.S. citizen, your passport information is required for special conference activities such as visits to government buildings and international embassies.
    • If you are a U.S. citizen, only your U.S. Social Security number and state of residence are required. Your passport information is not needed.
  • How will I be supervised?

    Your safety and well-being during the program is our highest priority. The program is structured so that you will reside in a safe, controlled environment. You will be closely supervised by professionally trained staff, including advisors who serve as educational facilitators and chaperones, security personnel, operations personnel and a program lead.

    For nearly 30 years, Envision has achieved a stellar record of safely and successfully enriching the lives of students, providing them with superb educational experiences and professional supervision. Other Envision safety measures include:

    • Greeting students at the designated airport upon their arrival and providing shuttle service directly to the program site, as well as providing shuttle service back to the airport on departure day*

    • Maintaining an overall student-to-staff ratio of 17-to-1
    • Attendance is taken throughout the program, and students are required to attend all program activities
    • Checking rooms nightly and working with hotel security for any after-hours concerns
    • Staff member rooms are interspersed among student rooms on each hallway in residential housing
    • Equipping all staff members with two-way communication devices

    * There is a $70 nonrefundable roundtrip fee for shuttle service or a $35 fee for one-way shuttle service.

  • Where will I stay?

    For the 2018 Global Young Leaders Conference programs, you will reside at hotels and universities in Washington, DC and New York City. 

  • How many students share a room?

    Each room will house two to four students, depending on the housing location. You will have your own bed. Your room will include fresh linens and towels (but extra blankets and towels are recommended). The bathroom is shared.

  • What is the dress code for this program?

    You should expect to wear professional/smart attire most days at the Global Young Leaders Conference. Professional/smart attire for women requires blouses and skirts (no denim), pantsuits or dresses.

    Shoulders must be covered at all times. Professional/smart attire for men requires jackets and slacks or suits with ties (no denim). You will have the opportunity to dress casually most evenings, which includes jeans and appropriate-length shorts. Comfortable dress and casual shoes are essential. You will be walking a great deal throughout the program.

    For more detailed information about the dress code for this program, visit your personal Web page, which will be available to you after you enroll.

  • What is the code of conduct for this program?

    Attending the Global Young Leaders Conference is fun, but it is also an honor. Like all meaningful experiences, you will get out of it what you put in to your time spent at this exciting summer conference. You are expected to conduct yourself as a responsible leader as you represent your school and community. You must abide by the Student Code of Conduct. You must also abide by and uphold all program rules.

  • Can I attend if I am a student with special needs?

    Yes. If you are a student with special needs or with disabilities, we encourage you to enroll. We may be able to provide you with auxiliary aids and services to assist you. Please call our Office of Admissions for more information or to discuss your particular needs prior to enrolling in the program.

  • What is the pre-program assignment, FUEL?

    The first step of your leadership journey includes assessing your strengths and opportunities for growth. To aid in this assessment, you must complete a brief pre-program assignment entitled Feedback for Understanding Emerging Leaders (FUEL). The FUEL assignment will be available on your personal web page after you enroll. It simply requires that you choose five mentors—teachers, coaches, youth group leaders or other trusted adults—to complete a short survey about your leadership strengths. You also will complete a short self-assessment as part of the FUEL assignment.

  • Can special dietary needs be met?

    Vegetarian options are always available. Kosher and Halal meals can be made available to you, provided the request is submitted prior to the start of the conference. When you complete the Student Information Form, you will have the opportunity to make special dietary requests.

  • Can the Global Young Leaders Conference accommodate special religious needs?

    Yes. The Global Young Leaders Conference welcomes students of all religious and cultural backgrounds. We are happy to work with you. Please notify our Office of Admissions prior to the start of the conference so that we can prepare for your experience.

Have more questions? Check out the Envision FAQs.