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Student Code of Conduct

  • Parent and Student understand that Envision programs require the highest standards of behavior. 
  • Student agrees to conduct himself/herself in a manner that will contribute to a sense of community and an atmosphere of mutual respect among all students and program staff. 
  • Student agrees that he/she will not use tobacco, alcohol or nonprescription controlled substances during a program. 
  • Student agrees that he/she will not bring or use any weapons or items that might reasonably be used or viewed as weapons, including, without limitation, guns, knives and other sharp instruments, and that he/she will not engage in any threatening behavior or physical altercations with any person during the course of a program. 
  • Student agrees to (1) follow the instructions of the program staff at all times; (2) participate in all program activities; (3) refrain from leaving the program group at any time during the conference; (4) abide by all program curfew rules; and (5) abide by all other rules of the program, including any additional conduct rules or requirements set forth in the program materials. 
  • Parent and Student understand and acknowledge that if, in the sole discretion of the conference staff, Student’s conduct, actions or general behavior is deemed an infraction of this Student Code of Conduct and/or any other conduct requirements reasonably known to Student, impedes the operation or acts as a disruption of the program or interferes with the rights or welfare of any person, such conduct, actions or general behavior may result in Student’s immediate dismissal from the program, denial of Student’s Certificate of Completion, denial of college credit (if applicable), Student’s return home from the program at Parent’s sole expense and forfeiture of all program tuition paid. 
  • Dismissed students are not permitted to remain with the program and parents are responsible for any expenses incurred by the student for housing or transportation after dismissal.