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Student Code of Conduct

  • Parent/Guardian/Legal Representative and Student understand that the Program requires the highest standards of behavior.
  • Student agrees to behave in a manner that will contribute to a sense of community among all students and Envision team members and foster an atmosphere of safety and mutual respect.
  • Envision has zero tolerance for physical, verbal, or virtual violence, bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, hazing, sexual harassment, assault or violence, and inappropriate language. Students who exhibit these behaviors will receive disciplinary action, up to and including immediate dismissal from the Program in accordance with this Student Code of Conduct.
  • Student agrees that they will not use or possess tobacco, e-cigarettes, vaping devices and products, alcohol, marijuana/edibles, other controlled substances, or related paraphernalia during the Program; abuse prescription or non-prescription drugs, or use any other substances in any manner that may be harmful to Student or to others;
  • Student agrees that they will not bring or use any weapons or items that might reasonably be used as or considered weapons, including, without limitation, guns, pocket knives, knives, and other sharp instruments, and that Student will not engage in any threatening behavior including verbal, physical or digital/social threats or harassment;
  • Student agrees that they will not engage in any aggressive, hostile, intimidating, or disrespectful acts such as shouting, excessive arguing, verbally or physically assaulting or harassing others;
  • Student agrees that they will not engage in trespassing, vandalism, or property damage;
  • Student agrees that they will not make comments regarding the race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical abilities, or other personal characteristics of another individual;
  • Student agrees that they will not dispense medication to other students;
  • Student agrees that they will not create any physical or verbal disturbance that interrupts or interferes with the Program;
  • Student agrees that they will not engage in theft or shoplifting; gamble; take photographs, create video or audio recordings of other students, staff members, or other individuals without the express consent of both the subject of the photograph, video, or audio recording, and of the Envision staff member in supervision of the Student;
  • Student agrees that they will not possess, upload to social media, or distribute pornographic materials including any image or visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct or nudity in digital, paper, or any other form or, engage in offensive or nonconsensual touching, inappropriate gestures, indecent exposure, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment during the Program.
  • Student Code of Conduct violations may also be considered illegal under federal and/or state law, especially if the Student or Students involved are under the age of 18.
  • Student agrees to abide by venue or campus rules, established fire rules, safety rules and common safety practices, in addition to all applicable federal, state, and local laws.
  • Student also agrees to (1) follow the instructions of the Envision team at all times; (2) arrive punctually to and participate in all Program activities; (3) refrain from leaving the Program group at any time during the Program; (4) refrain from visiting/entering sleeping rooms other than your own (5) abide by all Program nightly room check rules; and (6) abide by all other rules of the Program including any additional conduct rules or requirements set forth in the Program materials or conveyed by program staff onsite.
  • Student agrees to report immediately to an Envision staff member or administrator any violations of this Student Code of Conduct or other improper conduct of a fellow student, staff member, or other individual. False accusations or allegations made in bad faith will not be tolerated and are a violation of this Student Code of Conduct.
  • Parent/Guardian/Legal Representative and Student understand and acknowledge that if, in the sole discretion of the Envision team, Student’s conduct, actions, or general behavior is deemed an infraction of this Student Code of Conduct and/or any other conduct requirements reasonably known to Student, impedes the operation or acts as a disruption of the Program or interferes with the rights, safety, or welfare of any person, such conduct, actions, or general behavior may result in Student’s immediate dismissal from the Program, denial of Student’s Certificate of Completion and college credit (if applicable), Student’s return home from the Program at Parent/Guardian/Legal Representative’s sole expense, and forfeiture of all Program Tuition and other amounts paid.
  • Dismissed Students are not permitted to remain with the Program or at the Program's residential facilities. Parent/Guardian/Legal Representative agrees to retrieve Student from the Program or arrange for Student's immediate safe travel home upon receiving Envision's decision, in its sole and absolute discretion, to dismiss Student from an Envision Program or Parent/Guardian/Legal Representative's decision to withdraw Student from an Envision Program. Parent/Guardian/Legal Representatives are responsible for any expenses incurred by the Student or Envision for supervision of the Student, housing or transportation after dismissal or withdrawal.