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Free Curriculum: Making or Faking? The Media in Politics

April 5, 2016

Have you and your students have caught “Race Fever”? Envision’s Chase the Race 2016 enables students across the U.S. to engage in the 2016 election process, learning from our interactive lesson plans, while following our student reporters’ live event coverage at events like the Iowa Caucus, the debates and Super Tuesday.

Take full advantage of all that Chase the Race 2016 has to offer. Download the latest free curriculum today, using the links below.

This month’s lesson plan, “Making or Faking?” enables students to evaluate the role of the media in the presidential election. Students will learn to:

  • Analyze various news sources
  • Recognize media bias in the news
  • Evaluate the underlying objectives of specific news stories
  • Determine the answer to the following key question: Does the media perform a public service? Or is it a conglomeration of multiple private interest groups?

Download Free Lesson Plan

Everything you need for an engaging period of interactive study is included with this lesson plan. A News Packet of relevant news clips, images and video links provides students with a rich assortment of media materials for evaluation.

Download Free News Packet 

As always, our curriculum meets a number of national educational standards.

Augment your class’ election experience by tuning in for our Chase the Race 2016 coverage. Watch our student reporters capture the voice of America’s youth during pivotal campaign events!

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