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A Return on Your Investment

As an educator, you spend countless hours and energy working tirelessly every day to impact students’ lives and preparing them for success. It’s an unbelievably important job—helping today’s kids see a new path forward and showing them the steps to follow it.

In recognition of your dedication and efforts, we have put together a wide variety of curricular resources, research, special offers, contests, student materials, opportunities to earn classroom dollars, and much more. 

Seasonal Employment

Continue your passion for working with students and join the Envision team! Each year, Envision hires hundreds of seasonal helpers to work with high-achieving elementary, middle school, and high school students in various roles at our educational conferences held each summer. Seasonal opportunities are available throughout the United States and abroad.

Seasonal staff members are provided with housing, meals, and a competitive salary for training and conference work. Special training sessions help our summer staff to become equipped with the skills and knowledge to facilitate and implement Envision curriculum and program logistics.

You can also earn CEUs! Due to the quality of our staff training processes and systems, the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) has awarded Envision the prestigious status of being an IACET Accredited Provider.

We look for education professionals who believe in our mission of helping students to discover their career and life interests, who understand the value of that this experience provides in achieving their own career and life goals, and who are passionate about helping students make the most of their future opportunities. SEARCH SEASONAL JOBS

Seasonal Staff Positions

  • Faculty Advisors

    Faculty Advisors work closely with the students to ensure they get the most out of their Envision experience. As a supervisor and learning instructor, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of the group. Faculty Advisors will use creativity and critical thinking skills to guide students through their journey of thought-provoking, hands-on, and educational curricula.

  • Operations Team Members

    As the “behind-the-scenes” group, Operations Team members ensure that all events run smoothly. From finalizing catering to coordinating guest speakers, Operations Team members are organized and efficient and are the go-to people for all things logistical.

  • Program Office Assistant

    Possessing extensive knowledge of the program, the Program Office Assistant assumes the role of liaison by maintaining constant communication with students, parents, and staff. He or she will also keep the field office clean, organized, and stocked with materials.

  • Education Support

    As the backbone of the Faculty Advisors team, Education Support offers additional assistance and resources to ensure the best possible experience for all team members and students.

  • Scholar Relations Advisors

    Scholar Relations Advisors make themselves available for any student that is experiencing issues during the program such as homesickness, separation issues, or discipline issues. Scholar Relations Advisors are compassionate, and understanding, and strive to provide a high-quality, safe, learning environment for all students.

  • Coordinators (Program, Education and Operations Coordinators)

    Coordinators have the unique role of managing and supervising every aspect of the programs, including events and staff members. They have excellent planning skills and work closely with the Education Department to ensure that programs are being implemented properly.

    Learn more about our programs and seasonal employment opportunities or apply for a position online today.

    "I love being in the field and working with the students. You get the students at their best. I’ve also enjoyed all the skills I’ve developed in my time here."

    "If you're in the education field, this experience will get you refreshed and have you coming back to the classroom with a fresh outlook and new ideas!"

“Thank you for adopting our classroom. I will use the contribution to help create a classroom that will support the engagement and rigor of a 21st century learner.” - A. Elmore, Social Studies Teacher, Bowling Green, KY

“My students will have something challenging, fun, and educationally entertaining. The activity I purchased is not only stimulating, but it can also be therapeutic. It can serve as a positive reinforcement or a reward. Thank you!!” - R. Ladsen, Technology Education, Baltimore, MD

“I am so excited for this opportunity. Thank you for your donation. This will certainly help with the educational endeavors of my students. Thank you.” – A. Hillmann, College Counselor, Delafield, WI

“These supplies will allow my students to enhance their learning in my classroom. Thank you so much for your donation to make this purchase possible!” – J. Ripps, Chemistry Teacher, Kingwood, TX

“Thank you for adopting our classroom! You are a wonderful program. I hope to continue nominating students each year.” – A. Hutchison, Senior Counselor, Hazel Green, AL

“Thank you for adopting my classroom and providing funds to get the supplies that we need for labs. My students love to participate in labs, and often times, our funding is limited, so we don't get all the lab time that we want. Thanks to you we will have more time in the lab.” - K. Gentry, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Searcy, AR

Bring Envision to your Classroom

Invite an Envision alum to speak to your class about their experience and accomplishments—the new skills they learned, the places they visited, the friends they made, and the impact the program has had on their life since returning home. This is a great way for your students to hear firsthand about the Envision experience and ask questions. Just LOG IN to your Envision account and complete the Alumni Speaker Form.

All educators who host an Envision alumni speaker will be entered to win a $25 classroom donation through Donations will be awarded on a quarterly basis.

Read our Alumni Stories.

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Nominate a Peer

You know how great it feels to nominate your students and to give them the opportunity to follow their dreams. Give your fellow educators the chance to have that same feeling—nominate a peer to be a part of the Envision experience! NOMINATE today!


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