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Spend six amazing days in Washington, D.C. that will put you on the path to your future in diplomacy, intelligence, and defense. Join other high school students from around the country for this extraordinary opportunity to learn how America monitors potential threats, prepares for crisis, and plans for peace.

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High School National Security Program Students

About National Youth Leadership Forum: National Security–Diplomacy, Intelligence & Defense

Making Your World a Safer Place

At NYLF National Security, students have a unique opportunity to talk directly with national security experts, learn about the latest intelligence strategies, and experience public service in action.

Washington, D.C. serves as the perfect stage for this dynamic, six-day program where outstanding high school students get an insider’s look at potential career paths, and then put everything they learn into practice in a challenging, hands-on simulation. NYLF National Security students also enjoy exclusive access to government agencies and one-on-one interactions with industry professionals.

Participating in NYLF National Security will enhance your leadership skills and ultimately introduce you to a possible career in America’s national security, intelligence, or diplomatic fields. During your experience you will form friendships with future colleagues that will last a lifetime and gain the tools you need to help make your dream a reality.


Students attending select high school and college programs are eligible to receive college credit(s) through George Mason University.

2022 Dates & Tuition

Washington, D.C. University of Maryland, College Park June 19-24 | June 26-July 1 | July 10-15 | July 17-22 | July 24-29 Mason College Credit
Investigate and Explore: The CSI Experience

Tuition includes room & board, site visits & transportation during the program, lectures, simulations, curriculum & materials, and faculty & staff.

Please note: Tuition will be increasing by $100 for all sessions and locations on February 1, 2022, as a result of increased program operation and other inflationary costs. Additionally, we are currently evaluating all aspects of NYLF National Security and may make changes to the curriculum, site visits or program location to ensure the program meets the most up-to-date health and safety standards.

Program Highlights VIEW MORE

Interactive Speaking Events
Interactive Speaking Events
Hear from highly respected civilian policy makers and senior military officers, who are responsible for global and national security decisions; veterans with the Wounded Warrior Project; as well as others involved in the implementation of national security strategies in a variety of keynote, panel, and small-group speaking events. LEARN MORE
NYLF National Security
National Security Career Fair
Meet representatives from military branches, federal agencies, military academies, and private companies to learn about the education and career opportunities available to you. Past participants have included the National Security Agency, West Point, the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Air Force Academy, and more. LEARN MORE
National Security Crisis Simulation
National Security Crisis Simulation
In an engaging, real-world simulation, you’ll see how the nation’s top policy makers employ a crisis decision-making process using critical thinking, leadership, conflict resolution, and public speaking skills to tackle complex national decisions. You’ll receive briefings from national security professionals, which will give you insight into agency collaboration and information analysis.  LEARN MORE
National Security Site Visits
National Security Site Visits
See diplomacy, intelligence, and defense operations in action at Washington, D.C.-area agencies, embassies, and military facilities. Previous site visits have included the U.S. Department of State, the Pentagon, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Headquarters, and the U.S. Naval Academy. LEARN MORE



Tuition for NYLF National Security covers most of the expenses incurred during the Forum. Tuition DOES NOT cover transportation to and from the program. LEARN MORE


Scholarships Envision offers a limited number of scholarships to qualified students each year based upon financial need, scholastic leadership, achievements, and other factors. LEARN MORE



Let us show you how other students use fundraising to cover some or all of their tuition costs. Make fundraising part of your personal success story. LEARN MORE

Payment Plan

Payment Plan

You may pay in full today or choose to use one of our payment options.

Investigate & Explore D.C.: The CSI Experience

Enrich Your Envision Experience

After completing the program, you have the opportunity to enhance your Envision experience by participating in Investigate and Explore D.C.: The CSI Experience, where you will make new memories while exploring some of the many cultural, historical, and career-related sites in Washington, D.C. You may sign up for this optional three-night program extension during the enrollment process.


The National Association of Secondary School Principals has placed this program on the 2021-2022 NASSP List of Approved Contests, Programs, and Activities for Students.

NYLF National Security FAQs

  • Is NYLF National Security—Diplomacy, Intelligence & Defense for me?

    If you are a high school student ready to build a path to success in college and a career in National Security, this program is for you.

    To attend NYLF National Security, you must be in grades 9-11 during the 2021-2022 school year for the 2022 summer sessions. Most of our students are either nominated by educators or selected through our academic partnerships; however, we do accept a limited number of students through our competitive application process. If you have not been nominated or selected but are interested in taking advantage of the life-changing opportunities that the program provides, we encourage you to submit an application today.

  • What is included in tuition?

    Your tuition for NYLF National Security includes housing, on-site meals, supervisory personnel, program materials, all program activities, site visits, a Certificate of Completion and local transportation during the program.

    However, your transportation to and from home and Washington Dulles International Airport is NOT included in tuition. While attending the program, you will only need money for off-site meals, souvenirs, snacks, and other incidentals.

  • How will I be supervised?

    Your safety and well-being during the program is our highest priority. The program is structured so that you will reside in a safe, controlled environment. You will be closely supervised by professionally trained staff, including Advisors who serve as educational facilitators and chaperones, security personnel, operations personnel and a program coordinator.

    For over 30 years, Envision has achieved a stellar record of safely and successfully enriching the lives of students, providing them with superb educational experiences and professional supervision. Other Envision safety measures include:

    • Greeting students at the designated airport upon their arrival, and providing shuttle service directly to the program site as well as providing shuttle service back to the airport on departure day*
    • Maintaining a student-to-staff ratio of 17 to 1, with a classroom ratio of 25 to 1
    • Requiring all students to attend all activities
    • Checking rooms nightly and ensuring that students remain in their rooms
    • Having night monitors in place to support students who may become ill or who have an emergency during the night
    • Equipping all staff members with two-way communication devices

    * There is an $80 nonrefundable round-trip fee for shuttle service or a $40 fee for one-way shuttle service.

  • Where will I stay?

    For the NYLF National Security program, you will reside at the University of Maryland, College Park for all summer 2022 sessions.

  • How many students share a room?

    Each suite will house four students and consists of two bedrooms, with two beds in each room, and a shared bathroom.

  • What is the dress code for this program?

    You should plan to wear professional attire during most program events. Professional attire includes suits, dresses, skirts, or slacks paired with a button-up collared shirt or blouse and a suit jacket. Skirts/dresses must fall at or below the knee. Participants who choose to wear a button-up collared shirt should also wear a tie. There will be opportunities during the conference for you to wear relaxed professional attire or casual attire, including jeans.

    Comfortable dress shoes are essential (heels are not recommended). You will be walking a great deal throughout the program.

    Students who belong to organizations or attend military schools with an official professional military uniform may wear their uniforms during the program. Fatigues and casual uniform attire, however, will not be permitted at events requiring professional attire.

  • What is the code of conduct for this program?

    You are expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct. You also must abide by and uphold all conference rules. We expect you to conduct yourself as a mature and responsible leader who represents your school and community.

  • I am a student requiring specific accommodations. Can I still attend?

    Yes, we encourage you to enroll. Envision by WorldStrides believes in working with families in accommodating student needs and encourages the participation of students who feel prepared to meet the academic, social, physical, and emotional demands of the program environment. We may be able to provide appropriate auxiliary staff and services to assist students as needed if notified in advance. We encourage families, guardians, legal representatives, or educators to contact the Office of Admissions for more information and to discuss particular accommodations before they apply for enrollment in the program.

  • Do I need to make my own flight arrangements?

    Yes. Your tuition does not include transportation to and from Washington Dulles International Airport. We recommend you make necessary flight arrangements only AFTER you receive confirmation that you are officially enrolled.

  • What are the pre-program assignments?

    The first step of your leadership journey includes assessing your strengths and opportunities for growth. To aid in this assessment, you must complete the PAIRIN scholar survey and the Feedback for Understanding Emerging Leaders (FUEL) assignment.

    Envision has partnered with PAIRIN to help students understand their strengths, develop soft skills, measure soft skill growth and explore different career paths. PAIRIN utilizes a simple process to create lasting impact: measure 102 soft skills through a survey, map the soft skills attributes to the relevant context (career readiness or a specific career path), and then develop soft skills through curriculum and coaching tips. Students should complete PAIRIN prior to arrival at the program and bring their Readiness Report with them.

    The FUEL assignment will be available on your personal web page after you enroll. It simply requires that you choose five mentors – teachers, coaches, youth group leaders or other trusted adults – to complete a short survey about your leadership strengths. You also will complete a short self-assessment as part of the FUEL assignment.

  • Can special dietary needs be met?

    Vegetarian options are always available. Vegan, kosher, and halal meals can be made available to you, provided your request is submitted prior to the start of the program. When you complete the Student Information Form, you will have the opportunity to make special dietary requests.

Have more questions? Check out the Envision FAQs.