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Dr. Ainissa Ramirez

2015 Keynote Speaker, NYLF Explore STEM

Dr. Ainissa Ramirez’s mission is to make science accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of age, gender or race. She is passionate about shattering the stereotypes of science and scientists. Specializing in making science fun, she strongly believes in the need for improved public understanding of the sciences.

Among Dr. Ramirez’s impressive accomplishments:

  • Directed the award-winning science lecture series for middle school students, Science Saturdays (
  • Host of two science video series: Science Xplained and Material Marvels
  • Wrote Save Our Science: How to Inspire a New Generation of Scientists
  • Co-authored Newton’s Football, explaining the science behind the game of football
  • Visiting professor at MIT
  • Member of technical staff at Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
  • Developed a "universal solder" that can bond metal to glass, ceramics, diamond and semiconductor oxide substrates
  • Named one of the world’s 100 Top Young Innovators by MIT’s magazine: Technology Review
  • Authored more than 50 technical papers, holds six patents, and has presented her work worldwide