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At Envision by WorldStrides, we enable students to venture beyond the classroom and see the world—and themselves—in new ways. Participants can enjoy amazing journeys traveling to places like NYC and Washington D.C. or explore a career in fields like national security, medicine, engineering, and even gaming & technology. Through our educational programs and experiences, your child will also grow as a person, gaining perspectives that transcend boundaries and borders, all while having the time of their life!

As a valued member of the Laurel Springs School community, you’re receiving an exclusive invitation to our Envision and Oxbridge Academic Programs, as well as special tuition savings!

Whether your student is a budding engineer, future attorney, video-game enthusiast, or medical surgery nurse in the making, we have the perfect program to inspire and propel them along their path toward success.

Learn more about the variety of exciting, fulfilling programs available to your child this summer below. If you have any questions, call 844-219-7333 to speak with an Admissions Advisor.

In Person

MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 5-8)

Junior National Young Leaders Conference (JrNYLC)
Discount: $250

JrNYLC attendees have the extraordinary opportunity to spend five or six days in and around the nation's capital. Inspired by the exemplary stories of courage they will hear, students practice real-world leadership skills by creating action-oriented, impactful solutions to the issues they currently face; spend the night at the Maryland Science Center among mummies, dinosaurs, and space exhibits; and experience the power of democracy among the monuments and museums.

Day: $1,995 $1,745 | Residential: $2,495 $2,245

National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Explore STEM
Discount: $250

NYLF Explore STEM is a six-day immersive experience where students “learn by doing” through hands-on simulations, workshops, and competitions while planning a "Mission to Mars." Through the multidisciplinary curriculum designed to help them find their passion in forensics, robotics programming, medicine, and civil engineering, they make new friends, have unforgettable adventures, and are encouraged to grow into the next generation of innovators, engineers, doctors, forensic scientists, mathematicians, and physicists.

Day: $2,095 $1,845 | Residential: $2,695 $2,445

In Person

HIGH SCHOOL (Grades 9-11)

Game and Technology Academy at George Mason University
Discount: $250

The Game & Technology Academy combines collegiate experience, an interactive curriculum, and instruction from the leading game and design gurus at George Mason University to give students the latest skills in next-gen technologies required for success in game design and development. Students have the opportunity to choose courses from three specialty tracks including game programming and design, machine learning/AI with Python, or art and animation. They also gain real experience in the latest software and tools such as Unity and Unreal, among others, and get an inside look at the gaming and design industries with a visit to the Virginia Serious Game Institute.

Tuition: $1,995 $1,745

Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC)
Discount: $375

Over 10 amazing days in Washington, D.C. and New York City, GYLC attendees have the opportunity to visit international embassies; participate in Global Issues Workshops, during which leading authorities present various 21st-century challenges impacting our world; and hone the communication, decision-making, and negotiation skills they’ll need to be 21st-century leaders. They also expand their horizons by exploring cultural differences, gaining firsthand exposure to the challenges of international diplomacy, and developing their passion for international affairs.

Tuition: $3,195 $2,820

National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Business
Discount: $250

At NYLF Business, students kick-start their careers as leaders and entrepreneurs at one of the country’s premier startup programs. During seven amazing days on the main campus of St. John's University, they learn from business gurus, develop their skills and acumen, and compete against other business-minded high school students in Envision's Entrepreneurial Challenge, a Shark Tank-style experience.

Tuition: $3,095 $2,845

National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Engineering
Discount: $300

Over eight incredible days at NYLF Engineering, students access cutting-edge labs and facilities on the campus of a top-ranked engineering school, learn the overarching principles of engineering, and see the vast array of engineering professions available to them. They then learn about the design thinking process, how it—along with other key concepts—can be applied across a variety of engineering disciplines, and apply their newfound skills to assist with achieving some of the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations.

Tuition: $3,595 $3,295

National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Law & CSI
Discount: $300

At NYLF Law & CSI, students choose to pursue either a legal or CSI career experience and explore that path in a way that goes far beyond the classroom. They cover the entire judicial process in-depth through hands-on simulations and exciting site visits—from the discovery of a crime, through collecting and analyzing all of the evidence, to preparing for the courtroom process, and taking part in the criminal trial. Students also visit George Mason University for an immersive college experience relevant to their chosen career field.

Tuition: $2,695 $2,395

National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Medicine
Discount: $375

Students discover their passions through hands-on medical experience at NYLF Medicine. Over nine amazing days, they experience the collegiate lifestyle firsthand, hear from doctors, participate in an interactive curriculum, test their medical knowledge during clinical skills rotations, and explore professional opportunities in the ever-expanding fields of medicine and health care among fellow high school students.

Tuition: $3,495-$3,695 $3,120-$3,320

National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): National Security
Discount: $250

At NYLF National Security, students have a unique opportunity to hear from national security experts, learn about the latest intelligence strategies, and develop their leadership skills over six days. They’ll experience college life; get an insider’s look at potential career paths in America’s national security, intelligence, or diplomatic fields; and then put everything they learn into practice in a challenging, hands-on simulation.

Tuition: $2,795 $2,545

Rice University Aerospace and Aviation Academy
Discount: $250

The Rice University Aerospace & Aviation Academy, Fueled by Envision, gives students 12 days in one of the epicenters of aerospace and aviation. Attendees gain invaluable career exposure while learning from and engaging with leading minds in the space industry, including distinguished Rice University faculty members and a NASA representative, and unique access to industry facilities during career site visits. They also get hands-on experience implementing the engineering design process in multiple workshops, including the launch of a satellite, and developing and enhancing the skills they’ll need for success in a 21st century career.

Tuition: $5,495 $5,245


BEGINNER (Recommended for grades 4-9)

Roblox Game Development—Self-Study
Discount: $45

Roblox Game Development students have the unique opportunity to explore game design, build multiplayer worlds, and publish a game from the comfort of home! Students gain tangible skills as they learn to create their own game on the Roblox game platform using a base template (Platformer, Racer, or RPG) and the Lua programming language. Through a combination of self-paced instruction, hands-on project work, and interactive tutorials designed by leading gaming gurus at George Mason University, students are fully immersed in the game-design experience!

Prerequisites: Students should be reasonably proficient with a keyboard and mouse as this course requires some typing. Each student should also have a Roblox account before beginning the class. Create an account for your student here: You can find more information about Lua coding here:

Tuition: $395 $350


INTERMEDIATE (Recommended for grades 7-12)

Game and Technology Academy at George Mason University
Discount: $50

Students can enjoy the Game & Technology Academy’s interactive curriculum, workshops, and simulations from the comfort of home! This program helps guide participants toward the right career for them while teaching the latest skills and next-gen technologies required for success in game design and development. Students have the opportunity to choose courses from three specialty tracks including game programming and design, machine learning/AI with Python, or art and animation. Each course includes live lectures from George Mason University professors and project assistance with George Mason University teaching assistants.

Tuition: $495 $445

JumpStart Leadership Initiatives Program
Discount: $250

Featuring an ideal amount of academic rigor and excitement, middle school students in the week-long JumpStart Program receive a thorough introduction to four distinct career paths and have the opportunity to explore each through immersive experiences. After choosing their preferred area of focus, participants then engage with peers and mentors to complete and present a project on law & advocacy, leadership & business, national security, or public health.

Tuition: $1,450 $1,200


ADVANCED (Recommended for grades 9-12)

Leadership Initiatives
Discount: $250

Leadership Initiatives allows outstanding high school students to gain real-world experience, explore future careers, and develop critical skills through online internships that impact both the lives of students and the individuals they are partnered with. Students can intern with a business in the developing world, work with an attorney on an impending court case of national importance, develop anti-terrorism security strategies, partner with a doctor to diagnose patients in sub-Saharan Africa, and more.

Tuition: $2,250 $2,000

Online Medical Academy—Self-Study
Discount: $125

During the Online Medical Academy, in collaboration with The Apprentice Doctor®, students explore medical instruments, surgical tools, examination and diagnostic techniques, as well as career opportunities in medicine via an online learning platform that features numerous accredited training courses. Through a combination of self-paced instruction, hands-on project work using the program’s comprehensive simulation kits, and interactive tutorials designed by medical professionals, they are immersed in a medical school-caliber experience and gain tangible medical and surgical skills.

Tuition: $795 $670

Virtual Intensive Law & Trial
Discount: $250

The Virtual Intensive Law & Trial program allows high school students to experience a full court proceeding from start to finish, ideal for any student contemplating a pre-law college major. Participants hear lectures from Stanford Law School professors on topics like witness interviewing, preparing arguments, and courtroom decorum, then work in groups to complete and refine their trial preparation work. The program’s finale is a virtual mock trial simulation, endorsed by the American Mock Trial Association, in which students will take everything they’ve learned and gain firsthand courtroom experience.

Tuition: $2,495 $2,245