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Our Education Philosophy

We believe in the Power of Potential—the idea that all students have the power to live their dreams, make an impact, and change the world.  While technological advances are reshaping career paths every day, they are also creating opportunities never imagined.

Studies show that hands-on educational experiences foster critical skills that positively impact students’ college acceptance and a more successful and confident transition into life after college.

Grounded firmly in research and best practices, every Envision program is deliberately designed to be immersive and fun. Envision students live their dreams: conducting mock trials, diagnosing patients, building robots, investigating crime scenes, creating video games, producing and directing films, planning international development, or preventing international conflict.

Our students enjoy real- world experiences in the safety net of an Envision program environment. They discover their own ability to solve complex problems while collaborating with peers. They get a unique opportunity to practice communication and creative skills that will prove to be imperatives in today’s increasingly complex world.

Our education philosophy is shaped by five key guiding principles:

  • Fun: Experiential learning is fun and we capitalize on a hands-on approach to learning that fosters enthusiasm and self-discovery.
  • Student-centered: Our programs are designed to maximize the experience and aspirations of each individual student.
  • Participatory: Our inquiry-based learning environments incorporate innovation and multi-sensory engagement throughout every program.
  • Social: Our programs encourage collaboration and foster meaningful connections among students and teachers alike.
  • Results-driven: Our hands-on methodology enables students to learn and transfer skills, in new contexts, for lifelong success.