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Envision Alumni Ambassadors


With over 800,000 alumni having completed an Envision Experience program, we’re in awe of how many smart, accomplished, and determined scholars we’ve had the privilege of hosting over the years. We’re excited today to introduce 24 of these scholars who make up our passionate and highly motivated Alumni Ambassador crew. Learn more about what they are doing in our blog.

Interested in becoming an Alumni Ambassador?

To be considered, you must be a current high school sophomore, junior, or senior able to commit to at least one academic year. While we may not be taking on new recruits currently, you can email to submit your interest in applying, and we’ll get back to you with additional information.

Name: Anamaria P.

Hometown: Florida

Envision Programs Attended: NYLF Medicine

Envision helped me to truly secure my future career goal and meet so many amazing friends that truly will last a lifetime. My friends and I from California are still in touch, and it was so amazing getting to share this experience with other future medical professionals! My passion for medicine has always been present from a young age and it's just a calling. I can't imagine myself in any other career than the medical field! I strive to become a pediatrician and help in rural hospitals where medical access is vague.

Name: Cecilia W.

Hometown: Tennessee

Envision Programs Attended: NYLF Medicine

Envision has impacted me a lot, and I would go back if I could. I learned more about the medical field, and it made me realize that cardio is my path. My goals are to become a cardiothoracic surgeon because I enjoy learning about the heart, and I love being in the medical field.

Name: Fairuz R.

Hometown: Pennsylvania

Envision Programs Attended: NYLF Advanced Medicine

Envision helped me realign my goals. At first, I wanted to be a doctor to please my family, not because I loved it. After going to Envision, I fell in love with the career of a doctor. The relationships a doctor makes with their patients made me excited because I love making new relationships in my life. I also love helping people, and I believe this career path is perfect for that. I understand it's a lot of work; however, Envision helped me see that becoming a doctor would not only make me happy, but it would make me proud of myself.

Name: Imad M.

Hometown: Illinois

Envision Programs Attended: NYLF Explore STEM & NYLF Medicine

The Envision experience helped me decide on what I want to do for my career and how I can achieve that goal.

Name: Ireland K.

Hometown: Arizona

Envision Programs Attended: NYLF Medicine

Envision provided me with information that I can use later on to decide what specific career path I want to pursue. I left Envision feeling very emotional because of the connections I made with our leaders and peers. Envision was a very fun experience, and I cannot wait until I can attend in the summer of 2019!

Name: Isobelle G.

Hometown: California

Envision Programs Attended: Intensive Law & Trial

Envision has shown me how to be a better leader in my school and to help quiet kids that don’t have a voice. I have been able to be that voice and help the kids that need help in school or want to start something for the school. I love to be an advocate for others and to stay busy in my school and community.

Name: Jahiem P.

Hometown: Ohio

Envision Programs Attended: NYLF Advanced Medicine

Envision changed the way I looked at the medical field. I didn't know if I wanted to really go into the medical field, and the program changed that, and now I'm 100% sure I want to go into medicine. I simply want to be remembered as the person that always was helping someone.

Name: Jasmine J.

Hometown: Georgia

Envision Programs Attended: NYLF Law & CSI

Envision opened my eyes to different career pathways and opportunities that I may not have been introduced to if I had not gone to the program. Not only does coming to the program give you a great learning experience about careers people may be interested in, but it also gives you a chance to meet new people, make friends, and make connections.

Name: Je’Onna W.

Hometown: New Jersey

Envision Programs Attended: NYLF National Security

The Envision experience impacted my life by allowing me to become more confident in my ability to lead. Also, Envision surrounded me with people who shared the same passion I do. My passion is the Air Force and more specifically being either a fighter pilot or a bomber. After I get more experience in the service, I would love to be a U-2 pilot. Most importantly I want to express to kids around the globe that with hard work and dedication any goal or dream will be made possible.

Name: Juliette C.

Hometown: California

Envision Programs Attended: Advanced Emergency Medicine

Envision has made me a much more aware and knowledgeable person. My passion is helping others in any way, shape, or form. Whether it’s giving them a hug, helping bandage up a cut, or tutoring someone for a class. Hopefully, someday, I can impact the medical field positively by being innovative and compassionate to all patients.

Name: Keely M.

Hometown: Michigan

Envision Programs Attended: NYLF Medicine

My life has been completely changed because of Envision. Because of the program, I was able to realize my true dreams and passions in life. One of my goals is to become a pediatric surgeon. It is truly my passion to help people and make them better people. I learned more about myself and I got to make great friends during the camp. Envision has definitely impacted my life for the better.

Name: Lilia H.

Hometown: California

Envision Programs Attended: NYLF Medicine & Advanced Emergency Medicine

Envision has made me more outgoing and confident. It has also helped solidify my passion for medicine as well as opened my eyes to new opportunities and ideas that I would have never seen without it. My ultimate life goal is to become a nurse and go to work to not only support myself but to support others.


Name: Manoella C.

Hometown: Washington

Envision Programs Attended: NYLF Law & CSI

Before going to Envision, I was so nervous that I cried at the airport. I was scared I wouldn't make friends, I was scared I would be bad, I was scared that my entire life was going to change. And it did, in the best way possible. I had the most amazing time and met the most amazing people. I now know what I want to do with my life and career. When I went home, I cried at the airport again, this time because I didn't want to leave.

Name: Mariam D.

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt

Envision Programs Attended: Global Young Leaders Conference

Envision was an eye-opening experience. It has shown me what I am truly passionate about. It has also helped me decide the major I chose for university, not to mention all the incredible friends I made around the world.

Name: Melanie C.

Hometown: New York

Envision Programs Attended: Intensive Law & Trial

My Envision experience made me consider what I actually want to do in life. Of course, during my early years, I tried to manage what my main passion was, but Envision has made it so much clearer for me. I would love to become someone who advocates and helps others (from justice to medicine). I'm finding my way in high school, but my motivations are straight forward (for the good of others).


Name: Niki P.

Hometown: Athens, Greece

Envision Programs Attended: Global Young Leaders Conference

Envision offered me the most incredible opportunity of my life. The Global Young Leaders Conference was the greatest and most multicultural conference I have ever attended. I gained so many things from this unforgettable experience. First of all, I connected with people from all over the world and I, now, have so many countries to visit! Every speaking event felt like a unique opportunity, and all the workshops made me develop my leadership skills. I enjoyed to the fullest the fact that we discussed, analyzed and worked upon the Sustainable Development Goals, which all are of utmost importance. Overall, the conference helped me more than any other, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Name: Patience/Mimi T.

Hometown: Berea, Lesotho

Envision Programs Attended: Global Young Leaders Conference

After my Envision experience, I have a different perspective of the world from the one I originally had. I have become more open-minded, which helps in making me a great leader at my school. I love lending a helping hand where needed, and I care about the wellbeing of others, which is why I want to be a medical doctor.


Name: Preetjot R.

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

Envision Programs Attended: Global Young Leaders Conference

I am a person who decides to do something and will not stop until I achieve my target. Envision has taught me to be very punctual in life, how to tackle problems, and how to be more social.

Name: Queena T.

Hometown: California

Envision Programs Attended: NYLF Law & CSI

I thoroughly enjoyed my Envision experience. It made me realize that I really had a passion and that I have to work hard and do whatever it takes for me to reach my goals. I learned more about what I wanted to pursue in life, and I now know what I need to get there.


Name: Rebecca-Ann J.

Hometown: San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

Envision Programs Attended: Global Young Leaders Conference

Prior to my personal Envision experience, I genuinely had no idea what career I wanted to pursue. However, after attending, I truly feel like I gained a better understanding of myself and where I want to be. It helped me understand that I strongly want to seek after studying humanities and/or social sciences, and aided me in gaining this direction. Even the universities that we visited gave me a sense of being more grounded within myself. All the group discussions vastly broadened my perspectives while at the same time helped me strengthen my own opinions. The impact was powerful in several ways, helping me feel a sense of independence, network and create new connections. Overall, it was an experience that shaped my life.

Name: Tarim S.

Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan

Envision Programs Attended: Global Young Leaders Conference

Envision has given me a new perspective of just how diverse the world really is. The main goal of this conference was for a diverse group of people to come together in order to make resolutions for sustainable development goals. This aspect of the program taught me how to collaborate with people of different mindsets and how to compromise while maintaining personal interests. This program exposed me to different cultures, created friendships beyond borders, memories that will last a lifetime and left me with a never-ending desire for more.

Name: Viviana A.

Hometown: California

Envision Programs Attended: NYLF Advanced Medicine

The Envision experience has impacted me by helping me to realize what I want to become in the future and how I will get there. I see myself as an ordinary sixteen-year-old with big dreams. My loved ones see me as a bright and determined young woman with a big heart. My goal is to go to university, study the beauty of medicine, and make a career of it.