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Veterinary Medicine
Experience Your Future in Veterinary Medicine

Enjoy a hands-on, behind-the-scenes experience as you train with teaching veterinarians in Belize, Costa Rica, Thailand, or the United States. Throughout your Veterinary Academy experience, you and your fellow students will gain valuable skills, work with a variety of animals, and discover how to pursue the different career paths available in veterinary medicine.

By attending Veterinary Academy, you can earn up to 60 veterinary hours that can be included as part of your veterinary school application.

Veterinary Academy options include:
  • Wildlife Health & Conservation in Belize
  • Horse & Large Animal Medicine in Belize
  • Costa Rica Veterinary Experience
  • Rescue Center Costa Rica
  • Dog Sanctuary & Wildlife Rescue in Costa Rica
  • Dolphin Conservation & Research in Costa Rica
  • Elephant Sanctuary & Dog Rescue in Thailand
  • Zoo Medicine & Management in Texas and Massachusetts
  • Florida Reef Experience
  • Junior Veterinary Medicine in Washington, D.C.

Our Locations

  • Belize


  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica

  • Thailand


  • United States

    United States

About Veterinary Academy

Veterinary Academy, a WorldStrides program in partnership with Loop Abroad, is your chance to learn from teaching veterinarians and seasoned animal care and conservation professionals as you witness firsthand the behind-the-scenes moments in a working veterinarian’s life.

Loop Abroad is the leading pre-veterinary travel program in the nation, with thousands of alumni at university and vet school campuses across the United States. Their programs help students experience diverse veterinary careers firsthand. With an international team of expert wildlife and zoo veterinarians, Loop Abroad helps empower students to pursue the animal science careers of their dreams.

Veterinary medicine