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The Next Step in STEM

NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni provides students with the opportunity to deepen their exposure to STEM skills and careers, develop and grow key cognitive abilities, and reconnect with friends. Students enjoy six incredible days* at one of thirteen program locations with fellow high-achieving Envision alumni. 

*Five days for commuters/day program attendees

About the National Youth Leadership Forum: Pathways to STEM Alumni

Building New and Bigger Pathways

The NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni program was developed specifically for students who previously attended the National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Pathways to STEM. The program provides these students with the opportunity to build upon their previous Envision experience and further cultivate their passion for STEM.

At NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni, students learn by doing as they participate in hands-on simulations that allow them to take on different roles, a Makerspace Challenge that provides them with additional exposure to STEM opportunities and allows them to showcase their creativity, and an off-site experience filled with interactive learning.

Virtually all career fields today require a solid foundation of STEM. Early and frequent exposure to these fields can set today’s kids on a path to success by giving them the tools needed to make informed decisions about the future. During the program, students will gain increased exposure to STEM opportunities and further develop essential success skills while also reconnecting with old friends and forming new bonds with their fellow Envision alumni.

2023 Dates & Tuition

Location Residential Dates Day Dates Tuition
Atlanta, GA – Oglethorpe University – Vaccination Required by Venue June 25-30 June 26-30 Res   $2,945-$3,295
Day   $2,545-$2,695
Boston, MA – Bentley University – Vaccination Required by Venue June 25-30 June 26-30 Res   $2,945-$3,295
Day   $2,545-$2,695
Bowling Green, OH – Bowling Green State University June 18-23 June 19-23 Res   $2,875-$3,195
Day   $2,475-$2,595
Chicago, IL – Loyola University July 23-28 July 24-28 Res   $2,945-$3,295
Day   $2,545-$2,695
Dallas, TX – University of Dallas July 8-13 July 9-13 Res   $2,945-$3,295
Day   $2,545-$2,695
Denver, CO – University of Denver July 8-13 July 9-13 Res   $2,875-$3,195
Day   $2,475-$2,595
Houston, TX – Houston Christian University June 25-30 June 26-30 Res   $2,945-$3,295
Day   $2,545-$2,695
Los Angeles, CA – Occidental College – Vaccination Required by Venue June 25-30 June 26-30 Res   $2,945-$3,295
Day   $2,545-$2,695
Miami, FL – University of Miami June 18-23 June 19-23 Res   $2,945-$3,295
Day   $2,545-$2,695
Minneapolis, MN – North Central University July 23-28 July 24-28 Res   $2,875-$3,195
Day   $2,475-$2,595
New York, NY – St. John's University July 23-28 July 24-28 Res   $2,945-$3,295
Day   $2,545-$2,695
Raleigh, NC - North Carolina State University Date Changed – July 16-21 Date Changed – July 17-21 Res   $2,945-$3,295
Day   $2,545-$2,695
Washington, DC – Trinity Washington University – Vaccination Required by Venue July 16-21 July 17-21 Res   $2,945-$3,295
Day   $2,545-$2,695
*Day programs are for students who live within daily commuting distance of the program location, and who do not wish to reside with other students during the program.

Residential tuition includes room & board, site visits & transportation during program, lectures, simulations, curriculum & materials, and faculty & staff. Day tuition does not include room & board.

Please note: We are currently evaluating all aspects of NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni and may make changes to the curriculum, site visits, or program location to ensure the program meets the most up-to-date health and safety standards.

Program Highlights VIEW MORE

Student participates in a hands-on simulation during the NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni program
Multi-Day Simulation
Working together to help citizens impacted by a natural disaster, the students take on various roles and participate in challenges designed to enhance their problem-solving skills and provide exposure to the real-world application of STEM disciplines. LEARN MORE
Students participate in a maker center challenge at NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni
Makerspace Challenge
Students participate in a challenge that will allow them to broaden their understanding of STEM applications, show off their creativity, and enjoy a little friendly competition. LEARN MORE
NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni explore during an off-site visit
Offsite Experience
The hands-on learning continues as students travel to a museum or science center to explore interactive exhibits and participate in labs and workshops. LEARN MORE
Students make new friends at NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni
Residential and Day Programs
Students have the opportunity to choose the experience that is best for them by selecting either the Day Program or Residential Program option. LEARN MORE


Tuition Tuition for NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni covers most of the expenses incurred during the Forum. Tuition DOES NOT cover transportation to and from the program. LEARN MORE


Scholarships Envision by WorldStrides awards partial tuition assistance to qualified students each year based upon financial need, scholastic leadership, achievements, and eligibility for our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) scholarship. LEARN MORE


Fundraising Let us show you how other students use fundraising to cover some or all of their tuition costs. Make fundraising part of your personal success story. LEARN MORE

Payment Plan

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NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni FAQs

  • Who is NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni for?

    The NYLF Pathways STEM Alumni program is for students who have previously attended the National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Pathways to STEM, are in fourth or fifth grade during the 2022-2023 school year, and would like to continue exploring the future career possibilities within the exciting fields of science, engineering, medicine, and technology. If your student is interested in exploring STEM careers and building valuable success skills but has never attended NYLF Pathways to STEM before, we recommend enrolling them in that program first.

  • What is included in tuition?

    The tuition for the residential program at NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni includes all curriculum and instruction, program activities and evening events, overnight housing, program materials, private motor coach transportation, and all breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners during the program.

    Tuition for the day program includes all curriculum and instruction, all program activities, program materials, private motor coach transportation, and all lunches and snacks during the program.

    Transportation to and from home and the program location is NOT included in tuition. While attending the program, students will only need money for souvenirs and other incidentals.

  • How is safety and security managed at the program?

    Student safety and well-being during the program is our highest priority. The program is structured so that students will reside in a safe, controlled environment. They will be closely supervised by professionally trained staff, including advisors who serve as educational facilitators and chaperones, security personnel, a scholar experience team, and program leads.

    For over 35 years, Envision has achieved a stellar record of safely and successfully enriching the lives of students, providing them with superb educational experiences and professional supervision. Other Envision safety measures include:

    • Maintaining an overall student-to-staff ratio of 8 to 1
    • Attendance is taken throughout the program, and students are required to attend all program activities
    • Checking rooms nightly and ensuring that students remain in their rooms
    • Staff member rooms are interspersed among student rooms on each hallway in residential housing
    • A licensed nurse is available on-site each day of the program
    • Equipping all staff members with two-way communication devices
  • Where will the students stay?
    Students who choose the Residential Program Option will reside along with Envision team members at safe and secure locations that include universities and conference centers.
  • How many students share a room?

    Each room will house one to four students, depending on the housing location. Students will have their own bed. The bathroom will be shared either communally or within the suite.

  • How can parents contact their child while they are attending the program?

    Students are permitted to bring a mobile phone to keep in touch with parents, but the mobile device must be turned off during program activities. Students may call home before activities begin in the morning and after they have ended in the evening.

    Parents or guardians will have the telephone number to the program’s site office, where they can leave their child messages. Additionally, parents and guardians may email the office should they need to relay information to their child.

  • Can a student requiring specific accommodations attend?

    Yes. Envision by WorldStrides believes in working with families to accommodate student needs and encourages the participation of students who feel prepared to meet the academic, social, physical, and emotional demands of the program environment. We may be able to provide appropriate auxiliary staff and services to assist students as needed if notified in advance. We encourage families, guardians, legal representatives, or educators to contact the Office of Admissions for more information and to discuss particular accommodations before applying for enrollment in the program.

  • Can special dietary needs be met?

    At NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni, we make every effort to meet the dietary needs of all our students, provided the request is submitted prior to the start of the conference. When students complete their Student Information Form, they will have the opportunity to make special dietary requests.

Have more questions? Check out the Envision FAQs.