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Program Highlights

Multi-Day Simulation

During a multi-day simulation, students will join SAVE (Scholars Acting Valiantly in Emergencies) and work together to help citizens impacted by a recent natural disaster. The simulation will provide them with the opportunity to take on career-focused roles, hone key problem-solving skills, and gain exposure to the real-world application of STEM disciplines.

Students will take on roles from three content areas:

  • Medical Care - Sample Roles: first responder, environmental scientist, and forensic technician
  • Urban Rescue - Sample Roles: structural engineer and rescue robot operator
  • Green Power - Sample Roles: materials specialist and renewable energy specialist

Through this simulation, students will also learn valuable project and time management skills and enhance their critical reasoning and analytical abilities.

Maker Center Challenges

Students will expand their understanding of STEM through hands-on challenges designed to promote friendly competition and increased exposure to career pathways.

Three potential challenges are:

  • Building Boats: Students will build a motor boat prototype that will contribute to the rescue efforts of the people who were affected by the natural disaster.
  • Constructing Catapults: Students will develop creative ideas and methods to transport medical supplies from one location to another, without having power and vehicles.
  • Designing Circuits: Students will learn about circuitry and alternative methods to create energy while designing and creating paper circuits.

Offsite Experience

Students will head off-campus for hands-on learning through interactive exhibits, labs, and workshops that will put their STEM skills to the test and allow them to experience their host city. Actual sites vary by location but will either be a local museum or science center.

Residential and Day Programs

Each NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni location has a residential and day option.

The Residential Program option is a six-day experience that also includes overnight accommodations and all meals. Students in the Residential Program option will reside with other students and Envision team members at safe and secure locations that include universities and conference centers. Rooming assignments will be determined by date of birth, and there is a chance that NYLF Pathways to STEM Alumni students may room with NYLF Pathways to STEM students.

The Day Program option is a five-day, hands-on experience that includes lunch. Students who choose the Day Program option will experience the same hands-on and curricular activities as the Residential Program and will be dropped off and picked up at specified times and locations by a parent or guardian.