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Program Highlights

At NYLF Media, you have the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the mass communications field by pursuing your own area of concentration (track) for the entire program. All tracks will include collegiate-level lectures and hands-on media workshops led by the award-winning faculty of St. John’s University's Division of Mass Communications. Each track — advertising, film, or journalism — will include relevant field excursions, which will show you what to expect from your chosen field. 


In the advertising track, you will be exposed to the ways that advertising professionals navigate the competitive world of ads. For example, you will master the art of identifying market needs (ad ideas), selecting the right target audience, and discovering the power of effective headlines and taglines.

These are some of the topics you will cover:

Reviewing Product Case Study(ies)

The Creative Process — Right-Brain Thinking

Who’s the Customer? Audience Identification

The Art of the Tagline

Advertising in Action — Designing of an Ad

St. John's University Faculty:

Neil Feinstein | M.S., New York University

Assistant Professor of Advertising

“In 2018, we don’t just advertise. We energize.” — Asst. Prof. Feinstein


In the film track, you will see how film professionals utilize methods like the five-step development process, shooting techniques, and pre- and post-production editing techniques to shape a film's tone and meaning.

These are some of the topics you will cover:

Genres of Film

The Film Creation Process

Filming Techniques

Putting it all Together — Editing / Sound Design / Graphics

Film in Action — Creating an Interview for a Documentary

St. John's University Faculty:

Alla Baeva | M.F.A. in Film, Florida State University

Chair, Division of Mass Communication,

Director of Film and Television Program

"The film track aims to develop — or improve and practice — your camera skills and knowledge of editing, sound design, and motion graphics. Those skills will provide the fundamentals for a possible career in film, television, or new media."—Prof. Baeva


In the journalism track, you will learn how journalists produce and deliver ethical information through the lens of current events by formulating questions, generating articles, and utilizing smart devices as tools for mass delivery.

These are some of the topics you will cover:

Viewing the World through the Lens of Current Events

New Advancements and Historical Perspectives in Journalism

Applications of Journalism

Modern Journalism: The Rise of Social Media

Journalism in Action — Creating Feature Stories

St. John's University Faculty:

Michael Rizzo | M.B.A., Marketing Management, St. John's University 

Director, Journalism Program

"The best way to live and learn about journalism is in New York City, the news media capital of the world. This exciting program explores what journalism is all about."—Prof. Rizzo