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Program Highlights

The Art, Science, & Business of Food

The enlightening and exciting Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Culinary Academy is a unique summer culinary program for high school students, providing the opportunity to experience and explore all the field has to offer. During six days on the CIA’s Hyde Park, NY campus, you will hear from and observe expert chefs in the kitchen, practice essential skills in cooking, baking, and pastry arts, and learn about the various other careers you can pursue in the food world—from business management to sustainable farming and beyond. You will also acquire skills for success that can be applied to any aspect of your life, such as problem solving, critical thinking, and organization.

Mise en Place

Explore both the philosophical and practical applications of this common culinary term that means “everything in its place” and represents the importance of organization and preparation in efficient cooking.

Hands-On Kitchen Skills and Techniques

Identify knives based on their purpose in the kitchen, learn how to use them safely, and practice common cutting techniques. See demonstrations of the standard processes for mixing, creaming, and pastry development, and try your hand at each.

Culinary Outside of the Kitchen

Discover the importance of bees as pollinators and crop facilitators; how culinary science is applied to nutrition, health, and medicine; and what food business management entails, as well as how the profession has changed.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Hear about the history and culture that has influenced Mediterranean food, interact with commonly used ingredients in the cuisine, explore how and why this diet is currently being spotlighted, and use some of the traditional techniques and equipment to prepare a meal in this fashion.

Planning Your Future

Enjoy CIA alum guest speakers and a meet-and-greet session with current CIA students, who are preparing for a variety of careers in the culinary field, to fully understand the career options available to you as you move forward in pursuit of your dreams.