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2022 program details are still being evaluated, and online enrollment is not yet live. We encourage you to check back in the coming weeks, and we look forward to having you join us in 2022. 

Are you ready for the intensity of medical school and emergency medicine? Advanced Emergency Medicine, in collaboration with Stanford Medicine, is an unprecedented opportunity to spend 10 days with Stanford University Department of Emergency Medicine staff, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in a real-world medical environment. From life-saving ER medical procedures, to disaster and wilderness medicine, to dissected human cadavers, this is your chance to test your skills under pressure, guided by the faculty of Stanford University's School of Medicine, one of the most highly ranked universities in the world!

Stanford University

High School Student getting Emergency Medical Training

About Advanced Emergency Medicine, in Collaboration with Stanford Medicine

Do you have what it takes to work in emergency medicine?

Advanced Emergency Medicine is a premier, hands-on medical career program, offered in collaboration with Stanford Medicine. This action-packed experience will pump your adrenaline and feed your passion, as it challenges you to think on your feet during realistic life-and-death medical scenarios.

Immersed in the world of Stanford University's Department of Emergency Medicine, you’ll have access to high-caliber facilities, labs, tools, and equipment, as well as the immense brain trust of the Stanford Medicine faculty. You’ll apply your acumen in advanced simulation labs that offer you the ultimate hands-on experience, including: 

  • Basic Life Support certification
  • Emergency wilderness medicine
  • Gross Anatomy Lab, featuring human cadavers

This unique, high-reward program is not for everyone. Are you ready to take the next step in your future and stand with the best of the best? Seize this opportunity to truly engage with medicine and discover your true potential.

Please note: We are currently evaluating all aspects of Advanced Emergency Medicine and may make changes to the curriculum to ensure the program meets the most up-to-date health and safety standards.


Students attending select high school and college programs are eligible to receive college credit(s) through George Mason University.

2022 Dates & Tuition

Palo Alto, CA Stanford University Coming Soon Mason College Credit $6,295
Tuition includes room & board, site visits & transportation the during program, lectures, simulations, curriculum & materials, and faculty & staff.

Program Highlights

Advanced Emergency Medicine student engaged in high-intensity medical simulation
Real World Medicine

A woman stumbles into the ER, bleeding from a stab wound. A patient displays symptoms of a deadly virus. A young hiker suffers from exposure and injury. Scrub up for our high-intensity medical simulations, where you’ll learn everything from patient exams and basic life support, to disaster and wilderness medicine.

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Advanced Emergency Medicine students experiencing college life on the Stanford Medicine campus
The Stanford Medicine Experience

Experience college life and the world of Stanford Medicine as you receive hands-on instruction from Stanford faculty. If your goal is to be the best, this is the company you want to keep. What an amazing head start on your education!

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Advanced Emergency Medicine students engaging in the Gross Anatomy Lab on the Stanford Medicine campus
Life and Death Skills

The quintessential rite of passage on the journey to become a physician is the Gross Anatomy Lab, featuring human cadavers. This is a medical experience you’ll never forget—and a true test of your passion and disposition. If you are squeamish, this lab is not designed for you!

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High school student participating in career planning at Advanced Emergency Medicine
Career Planning

Try out your future now! Are you prepared for success in medical school? Is emergency medicine the right career path for you? Explore a broad range of options and acquire the skills, BLS certification, and college credit that will help you stand out in this highly competitive field.

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Tuition Tuition for Advanced Emergency Medicine, in collaboration with Stanford Medicine, covers most of the expenses incurred during the program. Tuition DOES NOT cover transportation to and from the program. LEARN MORE


Scholarships Envision offers a limited number of partial scholarships to qualified students each year based upon financial need, scholastic leadership, achievements, and other factors. LEARN MORE


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Payment Plan

Payment Plan You may pay in full today or choose to use one of our payment options.

Advanced Emergency Medicine, in collaboration with Stanford Medicine FAQs

  • Is Advanced Emergency Medicine for me?

    If you are a high school student ready to build a path to success in college and a career in emergency medicine, this program is for you.

    To attend the 2022 summer session of Advanced Emergency Medicine, in collaboration with Stanford Medicine, you must be in grades 10-12 during the 2021-2022 school year. Most of our students are either nominated by educators or selected through our academic partnerships; however, we do accept a limited number of students through our competitive application process. If you have not been nominated or selected but are interested in taking advantage of the life-changing opportunities that the program provides, we encourage you to submit an application today.

  • What is included in tuition?

    Your tuition for Advanced Emergency Medicine includes housing at Stanford University, on-site meals, supervisory personnel, program materials, all program activities, site visits, a Certificate of Completion, the Basic Life Support Certification, and local transportation during the program.

    However, your transportation between home and Palo Alto, CA is NOT included in tuition. While attending the program, you will only need money for two (2) off-site meals, souvenirs, snacks, and other incidentals.

  • How will I be supervised?

    Your safety and well-being during the program is our highest priority. The program is structured so that you will reside in a safe, controlled environment. You will be closely supervised by a professionally trained Envision team, including Advisors who serve as educational facilitators and chaperones, security personnel, operations personnel, and a program coordinator.

    For over 30 years, Envision has achieved a stellar record of safely and successfully enriching the lives of students, providing them with superb educational experiences and professional supervision. Other Envision safety measures include:

    • Greeting students at the designated airport upon their arrival, and providing shuttle service directly to the program site as well as providing shuttle service back to the airport on Departure Day*
    • Maintaining a student-to-staff ratio of 10 to 1, with a classroom ratio of 19 to 1
    • Requiring all students to attend all activities
    • Checking rooms nightly and ensuring that students remain in their rooms
    • Having night monitors in place to support students who may become ill or who have an emergency during the night
    • Equipping all team members with two-way communication devices

    * There is a nonrefundable $80 round-trip fee for shuttle service or a $40 fee for one-way shuttle service.

  • What are the pre-program assignments?

    The first step of your leadership journey includes assessing your strengths and opportunities for growth. To aid in this assessment, you must complete the PAIRIN scholar survey and the Feedback for Understanding Emerging Leaders (FUEL) assignment.

    Envision has partnered with PAIRIN to help students understand their strengths, develop soft skills, measure soft skill growth and explore different career paths. PAIRIN utilizes a simple process to create lasting impact: measure 102 soft skills through a survey, map the soft skills attributes to the relevant context (career readiness or a specific career path), and then develop soft skills through curriculum and coaching tips. Students should complete PAIRIN prior to arrival at the program and bring their Readiness Report with them.

    The FUEL assignment will be available on your personal web page after you enroll. It simply requires that you choose five mentors – teachers, coaches, youth group leaders or other trusted adults – to complete a short survey about your leadership strengths. You also will complete a short self-assessment as part of the FUEL assignment.

  • Where will I stay?

    Instruction and housing for the Advanced Emergency Medicine program is provided on the campus of Stanford University.

  • How many students share a room?

    Each room will house two (2) to four (4) students. You will have your own bed.

  • What is the code of conduct for this program?

    You are expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct. You also must abide by and uphold all program rules. We expect you to conduct yourself as a mature and responsible leader who represents your school and community.

  • I am a student requiring specific accommodations. Can I still attend?

    Yes, we encourage you to enroll. Envision by WorldStrides believes in working with families to accommodate student needs and encourages the participation of students who feel prepared to meet the academic, social, physical, and emotional demands of the program environment. We may be able to provide appropriate auxiliary staff and services to assist students as needed if notified in advance. We encourage families, guardians, legal representatives, or educators to contact the Office of Admissions for more information and to discuss particular accommodations before applying for enrollment in the program.

  • Do I need to make my own transportation arrangements?

    Yes. Your tuition does not include transportation to and from Palo Alto, CA. We recommend that you make necessary flight arrangements only AFTER you receive confirmation that you are officially enrolled.

    Shuttle service between the program location and the San Francisco International Airport is available on the first and last days of the program for a fee of $40 each way or $80 round-trip. Envision team members will be stationed in the airport to assist arriving students. Details about arrival windows and the airport shuttle service will be included in your personal web page after you enroll.

  • Can my parents attend the program?
    No. Your parents or guardians are not allowed to accompany you during the program. Gaining independence, including experiencing new things on your own, is an essential part of your growth during the program. However, it is perfectly fine for your family to travel with you to the program location and stay in the area while you are attending the program.
  • Can special dietary needs be met?

    We make every effort to meet the dietary needs of all our students, provided the request is submitted prior to the start of the conference. When you complete the Student Information Form, you will have the opportunity to make special dietary requests.