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Want to get a leg up on your future career without having to set foot out of your front door? The Envision Virtual Academy offers the opportunity to develop and hone key skills in today’s fastest growing career fields within the convenience of an online classroom environment. Each course is taught by a member of the George Mason University faculty, all of whom are experts and currently working in their respective fields.

About the Envision Virtual Academy

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Nothing compares to the hands-on learning experiences enjoyed during one of Envision’s summer programs. However, we understand that due to schedule, space, and cost constraints, not everyone has the opportunity to realize these benefits. For this very reason, and to make a world-class learning experience available to everyone, we created the Envision Virtual Academy.

The Academy enables you to learn, practice, and master key skills in a variety of concentrations that focus on today’s most in-demand career tracks. Through the virtual platform, you will engage in full participatory learning, supported by peers and faculty, backed by academics, and powered by your interests.

The Academy operates on a six-month semester. After enrollment, you will select one of our three live courses: Art & Animation, Business Entrepreneurship, and C# Programming. Each course spans seven weekly classes, which provides a week-over-week learning environment that mirrors a standard classroom.

All classes meet on Saturday or Sunday, are three hours long, and include scheduled virtual classroom time for career advice and career Q&A with the professor, during which you will connect what you learn to real world careers and gain insights into emerging ideas and opportunities. After completing your live course, you will have a better idea of what it takes and what it’s actually like to have a career in your preferred field.

Also included with enrollment is access throughout the semester to two archived courses on 2D Game Design and Java Programming, as well as the ability to explore archived classes for the other live courses, which become available immediately following each weekly class.

Live Courses

Art & Animation

Gain a foundation in concept art, 2D and 3D design, modeling, and animation for games. You will learn the fundamentals of creating efficient, game-ready assets and integrating models into the Unity 3D game engine. You will also be introduced to texturing, UVing, rigging, and the principles of animation. 

Business Entrepreneurship

Develop communication skills, planning strategies, and business attitudes that will enable you to creatively solve problems, think critically, and identify entrepreneurial opportunities in and outside of the game industry. During this course, you will conceive, develop, and present a business plan. You will also learn how to determine possible revenue streams, how to create a partnership acquisition strategy and a barrier to entry plan, and how to read profit and loss statements.

C# Programming

Taught in conjunction with the Unity Game Engine, this course will provide you with an understanding of Data Types and Structures, Control Structures, Data Arrays and Uses, Functions, Classes, Unity C# integration and programming, and the Basics of compilers. After completing this course, you will be able to make complex games or software programs using C# programming language, and will know the terminology needed to further develop your knowledge on your own. 

Archived Courses

  • Introduction to 2D Game Design
    • The journey begins here for those who are interested in the exciting world of 2D Computer Game Design. Participants will learn the fundamentals of game design, rules, and game mechanics. Students will be encouraged to work together in an interactive environment with other kids of similar interests and experience. Students will build and expand upon their own 2D game ideas, and be provided an insider's look at the Computer Game Design industry, with hands-on experience using current game engine tools such as Unity.
  • Java - Intro to Object-Oriented Programming
    • This course is an introduction to the world of object-oriented programming and provides students with a basic understanding of the Java programming process and procedures.

George Mason University Faculty

Envision Virtual Academy: Program Highlights

Professional Guidance Professional Guidance: Learn from the pros. All of the teachers are not only faculty at George Mason University, but they are also currently employed in their respective fields. 
Peer Interaction Peer Interaction: Via the virtual learning platform, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with your fellow classmates from all across the country, as if you were in a live classroom.
Expanded Access: During your six-month semester, you will have access to all three live courses as well as two additional archived courses, for a total of 123 hours of learning.

Academy Details


Tuition Tuition for the Envision Virtual Academy is $199 per 6-month semester. 


Spring Semester 2/1/17 - 8/1/17, with live classes beginning 4/1. Throughout the semester, students will have the opportunity to explore all courses on the platform, at their own pace, as live courses are archived weekly. View Schedule


  • Is the Envision Virtual Academy for me ? 

    This online learning program is for you if you are a high school student interested in advancing your skills and exploring various career options in a virtual classroom environment.  Envision Virtual Academy is your springboard to achieving tremendous success in college and in a future career, inclusive of career guidance from professors who are the top in their field.

  • What is included in tuition ?

    Your tuition for the Envision Virtual Academy includes up to six months of online access, enrollment in one of three live courses, access to the weekly archives of all other live courses, and two additional fully archived and pre-loaded courses, for a total of 123 hours of learning.

    Additionally, each live course includes scheduled virtual classroom time for career advice and career Q&A with the professor.

  • What happens after I enroll ?

    Shortly after you enroll, you will receive a Welcome Email that includes information about how to use the virtual learning platform and how to sign up for your preferred course.

  • How do I log in to the Envision Virtual Academy ?

    Logging in is easy. All you need is the Student ID and Password that is provided in your Welcome Email.

  • How do I choose my live course?

    After logging in to the virtual platform, you will see all of the courses that are available on the Course Catalogue page. Click on the course you want to enroll in to view more details. On the bottom of that page, you will find the “Add Class” button. Simply click it, and you’re enrolled.

  • What will I need to access classes?
    To attend class, students just need to log in via a browser on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. For some courses, students will need access to certain software applications to be able to work on assignments and participate in class. Specific course software requirements will be listed alongside each class offering.
  • When do live classes start?

    All Saturday live classes begin on April 1st and run through May 20th, with a break on April 15th for the Easter holiday. All Sunday live classes begin on April 2nd and run through May 21st, with a break on April 16th for the Easter holiday.

  • When are classes held? Is there a schedule?

    All classes are held on Saturday or Sunday. The start times for each of the classes is either 10 AM or 1 PM EST. To view the start times for each of the courses, click here.

  • What happens if I miss a class, can I view it later?

    Because all of the live courses are immediately archived, you can view any class that you miss as soon as the class finishes.  

  • What happens if I do not like the live course I registered for?

    One of the biggest benefits of the Virtual Academy is that you aren’t locked into any course. If you do not like the live course you registered for, you are free to switch to any of the other live courses. 

  • Is there a limit to how many times I can drop a live course and add a new one?

    No. There is no limit to how many times you can drop a live course and add a new one. 

  • What are the pre-loaded live courses and when/how can I access them?

    The pre-loaded courses are previously taught courses that can be accessed in their entirety upon enrollment. To access the courses, simply log in to the virtual learning platform.

  • Will my browser and computer work with the virtual learning platform's live broadcast system?

    Most browsers will work with our implementation of live broadcasting but there are situations where issues may arise. We recommend either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for your browser. Additionally, Javascript needs to be enabled and in some cases, Flash will be required as well. Our broadcasting will also work on Android and iOS devices via their web browsers.

  • Who can I contact if I need technical assistance? 

    If you have technical issues during the set up process or throughout the semester, email or call 703-993-7250 for assistance during the hours of 8 am to 6 pm EST, Monday to Friday. We encourage you to test the platform a few days before the live courses begin to ensure that you do not have any issues.

  • What platform hosts the Envision Virtual Academy?
    The Envision Virtual Academy is hosted on the Scriyb platform. Scriyb is a revolutionary new way to take classes online that strongly encourages peer-to-peer learning, ease of use, and content access. Real-time ease-of-use and accessibility, for both teacher and student are key components to the success of Scriyb, and are at the heart of our design and functionality philosophy.
  • What is the relationship between Envision, Scriyb and George Mason University?
    Scriyb, a George Mason University student-founded company, has partnered with Envision to offer online versions of Mason’s classes this Spring and next Fall, employing George Mason teachers and assistants. This allows George Mason University to expand the reach of their excellent curriculum nationwide.
  • What is your inclement weather policy
    The Envision Virtual Academy classes are online, but even so there might be situations where classes are unavailable due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. If this occurs, Envision will attempt to notify the students with any applicable information about the situation and any relevant changes to the schedule to accommodate each student.