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My Experience Chasing the Race in Houston by Fiona Ross

March 14, 2016
My Experience Chasing the Race in Houston

By Fiona Ross, Republican Debate Reporter

I had an incredible experience as a Chase the Race 2016 reporter, and I learned a great deal about the fast paced world of journalism. Talking to the students at University of Houston and political science professor Richard Murray allowed me to see a unique perspective on the presidential campaigns. 

Also, interviewing Chris Cuomo, a television journalist with CNN, gave me an insightful look into the profession. Some more memorable moments were sitting at the CNN news desk, and seeing Ben Carson, albeit just the back of his head.

The students at University of Houston had eye-opening opinions about the election. They were very open on how they felt about candidates and what issues are facing the youth today. Recurring issues that the youth on campus spoke about were college costs, women's rights, religious tolerance, and LGBTQ rights.

I was not surprised to find out these are the issues that matter the most to the students at University of Houston. It is one of the most diverse colleges in the country, and many of the youth who I have spoken to in my hometown have similar opinions. Students are worried about how much college is going to cost them, and many of the people I have spoken to feel Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with a plan for how they will afford higher education.

When I talked to Dr. Murray he told me, “Today’s youth is the first generation questioning the “American Dream”, whether they are going to have a better or more successful future than their parents, and if the youth vote is based off which candidate they think will best provide for that future.

Dr. Murray also mentioned how this election is not only changing the game for future campaigns, but it is changing the game of social acceptability. We have candidates like Donald Trump, who has said outrageous things, but still has an enormous amount of votes, and is ahead in the polls. This election is making voters question how far a candidate can go before they are no longer what is best for America’s future.

really giving any answers as to how they will solve the problems facing Americans. Although this fighting may be entertaining, it is hard for voters to determine how they feel about a candidate if they haven't described how they will solve certain issues or given a sense of how they would rectify them.

We are currently at a crucial moment in the election cycle, and it was eye-opening to experience one of the events up close. The next nine months will be a roller coaster of policies and debates for both parties until citizens finally vote for the candidate they believe will best lead our nation.

I believe the youth’s voice is pertinent to the outcome of this election, and that everyone with the ability to vote should take advantage of that opportunity. The youth in America make up a voice of change. This voice of change is calling out for a candidate who speaks to their needs of affordable higher education, equal rights, and religious tolerance. Regardless of who the youth of America vote for in November, they will have been engaged in this election and have played a pivotal role in the process.

About Fiona
Alumna, Envision’s NYLF Inside Sports & Entertainment

As a Chase the Race 2016 reporter, Fiona has applied the leadership skills she developed in Girls Scouts, theater and on student council to help teens relate to the political process and share their voices. She is excited to provide a women’s perspective in a male-dominated field and to serve as a role model for younger students. This California 9th grader believes equality for all, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation, is an extremely relevant topic for her generation.

If you have something to say about the elections, or want to ask our student reporters a question, comment below or just ping us using #ChaseTheRace2016.What do you think of the presidential election?


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