Careers with K9s

Seven Cool Careers with Canines

April 2, 2021

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The Benefits of Experiential Learning

Want to create an engaging educational experience? Help your students to learn by doing. The advantages of experiential learning are significant.

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Behind the Biography Podcast - Season One

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Welcome to the Behind the Biography Season One. A show where we dig in and get rich insights from professionals in our Speaker Network on key career decisions, what drives their success, and what the future might hold. 

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How Your Career Can Help Your Hometown: An Interview with Dr. Nashlie H. Sephus

Dr. Nashlie H. Sephus is the Applied Science Manager for Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative, focusing on fairness and identifying biases in the technologies. She formerly led the Amazon Visual Search Team in Atlanta, which launched visual search for replacement parts on the Amazon Shopping app in June 2018. This technology was a result of former startup Partpic (Atlanta) being acquired by Amazon, at which she was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

She has her Ph.D. from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and her B.S. in Computer Engineering from Mississippi State University. Recently, Dr. Sephus became founder and CEO of The Bean Path non-profit organization based in Jackson, MS assisting individuals with technical expertise and guidance. We're thriled to have her as part of the Speaker Network at Envision by WorldStrides, participating in the National Youth Leadership Forum: Engineering.