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Envision’s Stem Experiential Summer Academy At George Mason University Encourages Middle-school Girls To Explore Career In Game Design

Envision’s Stem Experiential Summer Academy At George Mason University Encourages Middle-school Girls To Explore Career In Game Design

Vienna, VA

June 21, 2017

Envision, a leading experiential education organization, today announced that its on-going partnership with George Mason University’s Computer Game Design Program will include its first female-specific and female-led course, “Story-Based Game Design for Girls.” The course is part of the second annual Envision Game & Technology Academy at George Mason University, which provides students an opportunity to explore a career in game design and technology by learning from professors and experts from the industry.

“We know that during middle school, many girls who previously showed an interest in STEM start to waver,” added Amanda Whitener, Senior Manager of STEM Programs at Envision. “With the game design industry being male dominated, we wanted to create a space specifically for girls that focuses on the programming but also exposes the students to women currently teaching or working in the industry—women that the students can identify with and encourage them to continue with their interest STEM.”

“What excites me about the new Story-Based Game Design for Girls course is the opportunity it presents to young women who currently have an interest in game design and technology to immerse themselves in the curriculum, the technology and college life,” said Envision’s Chief Academic Officer, Andrew Potter. “But just as important as the academic aspects is the opportunity to meet and identify with female leaders in the gaming industry and collaborate with other middle school females interested in the same field.”

Envision’s partnership with the Mason Computer Game Design Program is a collaboration that leverages the university’s specialty programming and faculty from the game design and technology industry, and Envision’s success in attracting students and their families interested in experiential learning opportunities.

“I think it’s important for the future generation of women to be able to visualize their career in game design,” said Sang Nam, Director of Computer Game Design program at George Mason University. “We need a stronger presence of females in the industry and through Envision’s Experiential Academy, we can help these students explore how their talents and passions transfer to the role of game producer, writer, music composer or designer. We’re helping them see a place for themselves in the industry.”

Students will gain hands-on experience exploring the game industry by working with recent graduates, learning the latest software and meeting with key instructors and guest lecturers who are leaders in the field.  Students will be assigned to a team, and the team’s goal is to create a prototype of their game to present during the final presentation and showcase.

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