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Brandon Greene

Alumnus, JrNLYC 2009 

“Attending both conferences helped give me the life skills and the leadership skills I needed to take a stand and put a group together, work with them, and lead them to help make a difference in our community.”

Brandon Greene, alumni of both the Junior National Young Leaders Conference and the Junior National Young Leaders Alumni Conference, was inspired to use his leadership skills and knowledge from his JrNYLC experience to make a difference in his school. He created the Anti‐Bullying Committee to combat bullying. The committee soon grew into a community organization and the name was changed to A Better Community (ABC). 

In just a few years, Brandon’s vision has grown from a small committee in his former middle school to a community-wide vision, extending to his hometown’s high school. Brandon has been recognized locally and nationally for his leadership in bullying prevention. He was appointed to the Burrillville School District’s Anti-Bullying Task Force, and in 2011 Brandon was invited to the White House to meet with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. He was specifically recognized by the President for displaying such courage and leadership.

Q&A with Brandon