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Friends & Family Grant

While it’s true that giving is better than receiving, we don’t see a reason why you can’t do both. Give your friends and family the incredible opportunity to Envision their future through our Refer-a-Friend program, and you both will receive a $200 Friends & Family Grant to apply to your tuition on an Envision summer program. The best part? The grants are cumulative.
By choosing to participate in the Friends & Family Grant, you do so with the understanding of the following:
  • You may refer as many friends and family members as you choose. Each referred friend or family member will be required to complete and submit an application to demonstrate their academic achievement and leadership potential in order to be eligible to attend an Envision program. 

  • For each friend or family member you refer who is accepted into and registers for an Envision program, you will receive $200 Friends & Family Grant towards your tuition when you register for an Envision program. Your referred friend and family will also receive $200 Friends & Family Grant towards their tuition when they register. The friends and family that you refer to attend, must be new students who have not previously attended an Envision program, and have not received an invitation to attend an Envision program.

  • The total amount of Friends & Family Grants that you, as the referring student, are eligible for cannot exceed total cost of your tuition.

  • Friends and family that you refer to attend an Envision program must use their Friends & Family Grant at the time of registration. Grants cannot be retroactively applied.

  • Friends and family may not refer one another to both qualify for the Friends & Family Grant.

  • In the event the same student is referred by multiple students, only the first student to refer that student will receive the $200 Friends and Family Grant when the referred student enrolls in an Envision program.

  • The referred Friends & Family student will automatically receive their Friends & Family Grant at the time of registration. Their grant will be applied toward the remaining balance when opting to take advantage of the Envision payment plan.

  • When your accepted friend or family member registers, your Friends & Family Grant of $200 will be applied to your account within 2 weeks.  This grant will be applied to your remaining balance, and you will receive an email notification, sent to the email address you provided during your registration, confirming that the $200 Friends & Family Grant has been applied to your account.

  • All grants must be used for an Envision program and are not transferrable to future programs.  If you or your accepted friends or family members cancel the registration, you are individually subject to the terms and conditions agreed to during registration in an Envision program.