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Scholarships and Grants

Each year, Envision has offered a limited number of scholarships and grants to qualified students attending our programs. Knowing both the incredible benefit of attending an Envision program and the challenge of educational fees, we have greatly expanded our scholarship and grant funding. With the assistance of our corporate and academic partners, Envision is proud to provide over $1,000,000 in scholarships and grants to students attending our 2019 programs, helping to give students the opportunity to make their career and life aspirations a reality.

For individuals or corporations interested in partnering with Envision to provide scholarships or grants,
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Scholarships are awarded based on financial need, scholastic merit, leadership achievement, and other factors, including your application essay and program of interest. Submission of a scholarship application is required to be considered for an award. You only need to submit one application to be considered for all available scholarships. All applicants are considered as being part of a general pool. From that pool, we determine how the scholarships will be awarded.

The current scholarship application deadline date is Wednesday, September 26, 2018.

Dr. Marguerite C. Regan Envisionary of the Year
A native of Chicago, Dr. Marguerite C. Regan was a high school social studies teacher and department chairperson in the Chicago Public School System before becoming Envision’s Dean of Academic Affairs. She was a passionate believer in experiential learning and, for more than 20 years before her passing, helped to develop cutting-edge curriculum for Envision’s career and leadership programs. We have named this scholarship in Dr. Regan’s honor. In addition to strong credentials in our base criteria, the scholarship will be awarded to a student showing passion for learning, meeting the academic requirements, and demonstrating need.
Duncan Young Change Agent of the Year
Since taking the helm at Envision, CEO Duncan Young has evolved the organization to one focused on making real, data-driven change. The Duncan Young Change Agent of the Year will exude this desire for continuous improvement and have a demonstrated track record of success in influencing and leading within their community. In addition to strong credentials in our base criteria, the awardee will have met prescribed academic criteria and demonstrated need.
James Giordano Neuroethics Scholar
Professor James Giordano's unwavering dedication to the advancement of brain science is clearly demonstrated over his 30+ years of work in academia, industry, and government. He is also committed to student development and mentorship – specifically in the areas of ethics and science. The James Giordano Neuroethics scholar will have demonstrated interest in brain health as well as the development of character. In addition to strong credentials in our base criteria, the awardee will have met prescribed academic criteria and demonstrated need.
Jeff Charbonneau STEM Innovation Scholar
Jeff Charbonneau, a former recipient of the National Teacher of the Year award, is fiercely committed to the betterment of learning in the sciences through improved teaching practices. Since receiving the honor in 2013, he has worked tirelessly to advocate for enhancements in teaching practices on both national and international levels.  In addition to strong credentials in our base criteria, the recipient of this award will have demonstrated a passion for education and science, similar to Mr. Charbonneau.
Ranjit Sidhu Gear Up Leader
Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) focuses on college awareness and early intervention in populations with high financial need. Named after the current President and CEO of the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships, Ranjit Sidhu, the GEAR UP scholar must possess strong credentials in our base criteria and have demonstrated the motivation to increase their and their peers’ chances to succeed in college and beyond.
QuestBridge Law Fellows/Stanford Law School
QuestBridge's mission is to connect high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds with educational and scholarship opportunities at leading post-secondary institutions across the United States. Envision's QuestBridge College Prep Scholars attend the Intensive Law & Trial program – developed in collaboration with Stanford Law School. This award is only given to QuestBridge students. 
Drs. Poffenberger and Lowe Future Emergency Medical Leaders
The Poffenberger and Lowe scholars have a passion for medicine and humanity. In addition to strong credentials in our base criteria, these scholars have demonstrated interests in health and medicine, with a desire to focus on emergency medical care.
St. John's University Media and Mass Communications Scholars
Rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors can apply by March 1st for a full scholarship to learn about communications careers this summer while living on campus at St. John’s. Included are course-specific excursions throughout New York City.
Dinehart Sustainable Development Scholars
Committed to finding innovative, cost-effective answers to the world’s most pressing problems, the Dinehart Sustainable Development scholars must possess strong credentials in our base criteria and have demonstrated interest in saving the world one inventive, sustainable solution at a time. 
Captain Gordon W. Krauss Scholarship
Named in honor of Captain Gordon W. Krauss, the father of Dr. Gordon Krauss, the Fletcher Jones Professor of Engineering Design at Harvey Mudd College and assisting curriculum writer for NYLF Engineering & Technology, this scholarship recognizes Captain Krauss’s achievements, good humor, and lifelong encouragement of others. The scholarship is awarded in anticipation of each recipients' future success and with the hope that they will in turn inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists. To read more about Captain Gordon W. Krauss, click here.

Partial Scholarships

20 Under 20 Impact Scholars
Impact is defined as an ability to exert a strong influence on a person or object. In addition to strong credentials in our base criteria, Envision's 20 Under 20 Impact scholars have all exerted a positive influence on their surroundings.
Now I Know Scholars
In a rapidly evolving 21st century, adaptation to change is a requirement for success. In addition to strong credentials in our base criteria, Envision's Now I Know scholars have each exhibited a willingness to learn from prior experiences.
Envision Career Pioneers
Envision is committed to helping students identify existing and emerging careers that align with their passions. In addition to strong credentials in our base criteria, Career Pioneers have a demonstrated focus on determining their career interests.


In addition to scholarships, Envision offers the following grants, which are awarded based on eligibility:

Alumni Grants
As a benefit to our alumni, Envision provides all previous program attendees with a grant to attend another transformational program.
Friends & Family Grants
Enrolled students can refer friends and family to attend Envision programs. Both the referrer and referred receive a grant applied to their tuition. For more information, visit the Friends & Family page.
Military Discount Grants
Envision offers grants to students whose parents are active-duty members of the military.  To learn more, contact the Office of Admissions toll-free at (866) 858-5323.

To find out if you are eligible to receive a grant or for any other questions, contact the Office of Admissions toll-free at (866) 858-5323.
For other financial options, please see the Fundraising Guide.