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Program Highlights

Former NASA Astronauts

Former NASA astronaut who may speak at NYLF Explore STEM This program provides an unprecedented opportunity for students to hear from a former NASA astronaut! Keynote speakers vary by session and location. Students will hear from one of four former NASA astronauts: Dr. Leroy Chiao, Dr. Mary Ellen Weber, Nicole Stott, and Dr. Don Thomas. Each speaker will share their knowledge, experiences, and stories from their careers in space exploration, which includes highlights such as performing multiple space walks, logging as many as 229 days in space, or being the first person to paint in space.

Forensic Science Simulation

Students process a staged crime scene at NYLF Explore STEM A fire erupts, jeopardizing the entire mission to Mars. It is up to the students to determine the cause of the fire and investigate if there was any wrong doing. During this simulation, students will process a staged crime scene using proper techniques, including note-taking, evidence collections, and constructing a scene sketch. Students will also identify, collect, and examine fingerprints and shoe tracks, and will perform bloodstain pattern analysis and conduct tests on mock bloodstains.

Engineering Design Simulation

Student uses CAD software at NYLF Explore STEM

One of the biggest challenges to conquering the Red Planet is being able to survive the harsh Martian climate. During this innovative simulation, students will test their civil engineering skills as they use CAD software to design a habitat capable of sustaining life on Mars. Students will receive an interactive introduction to CAD software and then work through the design process. Students will then take their digital 3D designs and prototype physical models.

Robotics Programming Simulation

Students collaborate to design and program a robot at NYLF Explore STEM

Living on Mars is a challenge in and of itself, but what about getting around? During this simulation, students will design and program a Mars rover, using the latest tools, theories, and techniques. After learning about the technology involved in creating a programmable robot, students will explore what makes a robot intelligent and how sensors support intelligent technology. Students will also learn how to code a VEX robot capable of moving with precision, avoiding obstacles, and acting upon command.

Medical Simulation

Students learn how to respond to unexpected medical emergencies, whether they happen here on Earth or on the unknown terrain of Mars, while participating in:

Emergency Outdoor Medicine Simulation: When Care Is Hours Away

Students look at x-ray images during a medical simulation at NYLF Explore STEM

Created in collaboration with wilderness medicine expert Dr. Paul Auerbach and simulation expert Dr. Rebecca Smith-Coggins, professors in the Department of Emergency Medicine of the Stanford University School of Medicine, this realistic simulation puts students in the position of first responders as they practice the clinical skills needed in a true-to-life emergency. They’ll experience an unexpected crisis that involves prolonged patient care, a severe environment, and improvised equipment as they learn and practice six key skills:

  • Scene assessment and safety
  • Spine precautions
  • Commercial and improvised tourniquets
  • Hypothermia prevention
  • Fracture splinting
  • Treatment of life-threatening allergic reactions

Galaxy Labs

Students work on specialized projects in their chosen STEM strand at NYLF Explore STEMStudents will have the opportunity to select a STEM area of focus for afternoon deep-dive sessions. These Galaxy Labs allow students to explore forensic science, robotics programming, civil engineering, or medicine even further. They will have the chance to learn more advanced skills and apply their newfound knowledge to overcome the challenges associated with the colonization of Mars by creating meaningful solutions.



PAIRIN Strengths Assessment

PAIRIN is a self-assessment that focuses on 102 soft-skills that are important to long-term success in careers and life. Envision has collaborated with PAIRIN to provide our students with this unique tool, which delivers research-based insights that will help them better plan for the future.

Please note: We are currently evaluating all aspects of NYLF Explore STEM and may make changes to the curriculum or site visits to ensure the program meets the most up-to-date health and safety standards.