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National Youth Leadership Forum:
Explore STEM

Program Highlights

Former NASA Astronauts

This is an unprecedented opportunity for students to hear from a former NASA astronaut! Depending on the session they attend, students will either hear from Captain Jerry Michael Linenger or Leroy Chiao. Keynote speakers will share their knowledge, experiences, and stories from their careers in space exploration.

Computer Science Simulation

Designed to develop essential skills in computer science, this hands-on simulation provides students with technical skills training in the areas of app design, with an emphasis on user experience and user interface. Students will receive an introduction to mobile technology and app design. Then, through collaboration and interactive projects, they will design a mobile app to help people on Mars track their health and wellness. Students will work through the wireframing and design process, learning how to apply their creativity, problem-solving, storytelling, and programming skills to their design decisions and will gain a better understanding of the exciting possibilities within app design.

Engineering Simulation

During this innovative simulation, students will design and program a responsive robot using the latest tools, theories, and techniques. Students will learn about the technology involved in creating a programmable robot. They will also explore what makes a robot intelligent and how sensors support intelligent technology. Students will develop robots that move with precision, avoid obstacles, and act upon command. In addition, students will engage in a civil engineering simulation, designing a building using CAD software. Students will receive an interactive introduction to CAD software and then work through the design process.

Medical Simulation

Emergency Outdoor Medicine Simulation: When Care is Hours Away

Created in collaboration with wilderness medicine expert Dr. Paul Auerbach and simulation expert Dr. Rebecca Smith-Coggins, professors in the Department of Emergency Medicine of the Stanford University School of Medicine, this realistic simulation puts students in the position of first responders as they practice the clinical skills needed in a true-to-life emergency. They’ll experience an unexpected crisis that involves prolonged patient care, a severe environment, and improvised equipment as they learn and practice six key skills:

  • Scene assessment and safety
  • Spine precautions
  • Commercial and improvised tourniquets
  • Hypothermia prevention
  • Fracture splinting
  • Treatment of life-threatening allergic reactions

Galaxy Labs

Galaxy Lab WorkStudents will have the opportunity to select a STEM area of focus for afternoon deep-dive sessions. These Galaxy Labs allow students to explore computer science, engineering, or medicine even further and strengthen their knowledge and skills in these important and exciting fields.

ACT Engage

Envision has collaborated with ACT to provide students with the ACT Engage assessment tool. The assessment focuses on critical non-cognitive components over three core areas: motivation, academic behaviors, and social/emotional domains. This unique tool provides research-based insights and evaluates students’ attributes, enabling them to create their own personalized plan for future success.