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Capstone Impact Challenge

Students finish their Captsone Impact Challenge presentation at NYLF Engineering, an Envision summer program for high school students.The core curricular component of the program, the Capstone Impact Challenge provides you with the unique opportunity to work toward solving some of the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations while also expanding your understanding of the engineering field that you are most passionate about.

During this competitive design challenge, you and your team members will work with a real-world problem. An example of a problem students have previously been tasked with is obtaining clean water in countries that lack the general infrastructure. After analyzing your challenges and constraints, you will utilize your creativity and various technologies, such as ArcView GIS, to plan, ideate, and prototype your solution. The challenge culminates in a multi-round presentation where the best solutions are determined. 

Speaking Engagements

NYLF Engineering students listen to an interactive presentation from an engineering professional.Hear from academic faculty and professional leaders in various engineering disciplines during speaking events and visits to engineering facilities. Your interactions with these subject matter experts will provide you with the insight into recent innovations in engineering and the keys to a successful future career in this dynamic field.

Past participating speakers include:

  • Dr. John Cressler, Schlumberger Chair Professor in Electronics, Georgia Tech
  • Dr. Gary S. May, Dean, College of Engineering, Georgia Tech
  • Anna Dietrich, Co-Founder, Terrafugia
  • Dr. Douglas A. Lauffenburger, Head, Department of Biological Engineering, MIT
  • Dr. Tak-Sing Wong, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Penn State University
  • Kevin Surace, CEO, Appvance
  • Dr. Martin Buehler, Chief Robotist & Research Principle Investigator, iRobot
  • Dr. Steve S. Holt, Professor of Physics, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
  • Dr. Ayanna Howard, Associate Director of Research, Georgia Tech Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines Motorola Foundation Professor
  • Dr. James Wade, Vice President of Mission Assurance, Raytheon
  • Dr. James D. Plummer, Dean, School of Engineering, Stanford University
  • Dr. Cherry A. Murray, Dean, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Harvard University
  • Dr. Carol Livermore, Assistant Professor of Manufacturing, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT, MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team

Helicopter Electronics Workshop

A student demonstrates his helicpoter from the NYLF Enginnering workshop created by Andrew Barry, Ph.D., a MIT grad and Founder of Stage One Education.

Apply electronics concepts to program a microcontroller to independently fly a model helicopter in this activity developed by Andrew Barry, Ph.D., a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) grad and Founder of Stage One Education.

“The helicopter workshop manages to pack the best parts of robotics -- circuits, programming, and autonomous control -- into an amazingly fun package.”

-Andrew Barry, Ph.D.        

Search #heliworkshop in Instagram or click here to see what previous program attendees were able to accomplish during this educational and entertaining workshop.

Career Immersion

High School students explore a career in Engineering and TechnologyDiscover the full life cycle of an actual engineering project and gain insights from professionals who played an integral in its execution and delivery. During each event, you'll gain a deeper understanding of all phases of product creation as you listen, interact, and ask questions. 

These experiences will not only provide you with exposure to engineering companies and professionals, but they will also give you a glimpse into your future as well as a 360-degree view of the roles and responsibilities of engineers.

Past Career Immersion experiences included engineers from:

  • San Francisco Department of Public Works
  • Atlanta Regional Commission

Site Visits

Students from the Engineering and Technology Summer Program

Students will experience a campus tour, where they will get the chance to see what different campus facilities look like as well as the various types of projects college students and professors work on. Students will also spend a day on an engineering-focused site visit.

Please note: We are currently evaluating all aspects of NYLF Engineering and may make changes to the curriculum or site visits to ensure the program meets the most up-to-date health and safety standards.