Our Story

A teacher and a staffer go to Washington...

In 1985, a Connecticut educator saw an opportunity to make the world her classroom. With the help of a congressional staff member, she arranged a trip for her students to visit the nation’s capital to attend the second Presidential Inauguration of Ronald Reagan.

The kids embraced Washington, DC—they met congressmen, saw the monuments, and experienced democracy in action. The excursion was deemed a huge success, but the teacher and the staffer soon realized that this was no ordinary field trip; the students not only discovered a new deeper relationship with world around them, but also began to realize the power of their potential

The opportunity to learn through experience had a profound effect on those high school students in 1985, just as it has on Envision students today.

Thirty years and more than 800,000 exceptional students later, Envision’s mission remains focused on giving high-aspiring students in elementary school through college the unique opportunity to turn their career and life aspirations into reality. Our programs are innovative, safe, fun, empowering, and provide transformational experiences that enable students to:

  • Discover their passion
  • Explore a career
  • Make a difference
  • Realize their dreams


Why Envision?

Whether you are a parent, student or teacher, you know that big decisions about one’s future can be difficult. Even students who have a clear vision face real challenges. Unfortunately, academic success and solid credentials are no longer enough to succeed in today’s rapidly changing landscape. As the world gets smaller, competition increases and the talent pool of college and career candidates grows exponentially.

Along with passion and knowledge, today’s students need to demonstrate initiative, innovative thinking, and the ability to create a focused plan. Envision programs help students reach those goals, giving them an opportunity to try a career, develop real skills, and get that extra edge they seek while enjoying amazing experiences that lead to transformational confidence building and lifelong friendships.

Envision Programs

Our career, technology, and leadership programs are developed by educators and subject-matter professionals.  Using innovative tools and techniques, our activities mirror real-world challenges and facilitate critical thinking and communication among the groups. Our Advisors are highly trained teachers and subject-matter experts who love making a real impact—so much so that they come back year after year.

For decades, Envision has been a home for students with high academic achievement and a desire to build a focused plan for their future. Many of our students are nominated by teachers; others are selected via a national student talent identification program; and still others are selected by our Admissions Board based on their GPA, test scores, and passion for a specific area of career or leadership interest. However, our admissions team also accepts applications and often awards scholarships to high-caliber kids who need assistance. If you or your child have not received an invitation to attend but are interested in one of our programs, we encourage you to apply.

The Envision experience has been deliberately designed to:

  • ENGAGE students through interactive and multi-sensory experiences
  • EQUIP students for success in college, career, and life in the global 21st century
  • EMPOWER students to take responsibility for their future and make an impact

Envision Programs are:

  • Safe and secure learning experiences
  • Accredited and research-based
  • Designed around cognitive learning and active engagement
  • Relevant, innovative, rigorous, and fun
  • Project-focused and based around problem solving and leadership building
  • Attended by 10,000 students at top academic locations each year
  • Staffed by experienced education professionals and a highly trained and well-vetted staff

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Letter from Our CEO

Hi, and welcome to Envision! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our programs.

Have you ever seen the movie "Dead Poets Society"? You may remember the scene where the character played by Robin Williams implores his students to “Carpe Diem”—seize the day. At Envision we don’t just believe that students should seize the day; we believe they should seize the future as well.  We believe in “Carpe Futurum.”

I am the father of three daughters, the oldest of whom has attended an Envision program, and I want what every parent wants for their child: the chance for them to have opportunities to explore, to learn, to grow, and to realize their full potential. I like to think of that moment when every student begins to visualize a future for themselves and to build a plan for that future as their individual “light switch moment.” Finding this moment is what makes “Carpe Futurum” possible, and we strive to make this moment a reality for every student participating in an Envision program.

I am so proud of the work that we do and the passion that our team shares in ensuring that every student has an Envision experience that is safe, meaningful, and fun. I am even more proud of the amazing success stories we hear from our alumni and look forward to the many, many more dreams Envision will help kids realize in the future.

Thanks again for taking the time to learn more about us. We would love to hear from you. If you have any comments, concerns, or thoughts, please feel free to contact me at feedback@envisionexperience.com. I personally review all emails that are sent to this address with our team.

Carpe Futurum!