Elementary student participates in NYLF: Pathways to Discovery on Engineering, Medicine and CSI
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National Youth Leadership Forum: Pathways to Discovery on Engineering, Medicine & CSI

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Experience NYLF Pathways to Discovery

How would you like to design and build a bridge? Scrub in as a doctor? Investigate a crime?

This summer, you can try all three if you attend the National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Pathways to Discovery on Engineering, Medicine & CSI. Designed especially for elementary school students in third, fourth or fifth grades, this is a fun, educational experience that allows you to go wherever your imagination leads you.


At NYLF Pathways to Discovery, we reward your curiosity with an exciting lineup of hands-on learning experiences. Why should adults have all the fun? Don’t just read about cool careers. Find out – through real-world exploration – what it’s really like to be a doctor, an engineer or a detective. The use of tablets to enhance components of the curriculum ensures an engaging and interactive experience.


Even in elementary school, you are beginning to define your future. The NYLF Pathways to Discovery program enables you to turn academic potential into real-world leadership action. Discover your passions and create a clear road map to high school, college and career success.

Interactive Career Discovery
Interactive Career Discovery
  • Focus your career exploration on engineering, medicine or crime scene investigation. Or, choose to explore all three with the Explorers pathway.
  • Learn to work and have fun in groups with other students as you examine, question, research, create, investigate, role-play and explore and learn the curriculum and about yourself.
  • Learn more about your strengths and interests and how they create a pathway to a lifetime of rewarding work and studies.
Self-discovery and Leadership
Self-Discovery & Leadership
  • Fuel your creativity and academic success with practical achievements that will help you stand out in your school and in your community.
  • Develop leadership skills by studying character development, practicing team building, improving communication, setting goals and solving problems.
  • Increase your self-confidence, self-awareness and independence.
  • Turn your curiosity into a personal plan for continued success in school, college and life.
Program Options for Students and Parents
Program Options
  • For summer 2014, Pathways to Discovery is being held in five locations, including Colorado, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.
  • Choose the Day Program Option, a five-day career discovery experience that includes lunch and offers convenient drop-off and pick-up times for parents. See the Day Program Option sample schedule.
  • Choose the Residential Program Option, available at most locations. This is a six-day option that includes overnight accommodations and all meals. See the Residential Program Option sample schedule.
  • Select your pathway. Choose Engineering: Buildings, Bridges and Blueprints; Medicine: The Incredible Human Body; CSI: The Case of the Missing Masterpiece; Explorers: Career Discovery, the choice for young leaders with multiple interests.
  • Stepping Forward, the leadership curriculum, is included with all four pathways.

2014 Summer Dates & Locations

Summer Engineering, Medicine, and CSI Program for Elementary Students - Denver, CO
Denver, CO
University of Denver
Denver, CO
  • Jun 28 - Jul 3 *
  • Jun 29 - Jul 3 **
*Residential | **Day
Summer Engineering, Medicine, and CSI Program for Elementary Students - New Jersey
Lawrenceville, NJ
Lawrenceville, NJ
  • Jul 14 - Jul 18 **
*Residential | **Day
National Young Leaders State Conference - Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
  • Jul 6 - Jul 11 *
  • Jul 7 - Jul 11 **
  • Jul 13 - Jul 18 *
  • Jul 14 - Jul 18 **
*Residential | **Day
Summer Engineering, Medicine, and CSI Program for Elementary Students - Raleigh, NC
Raleigh, NC
William Peace University
Raleigh, NC
  • Jul 20 - Jul 25 *
  • Jul 21 - Jul 25 **
  • Jul 27 - Aug 1 *
  • Jul 28 - Aug 1 **
*Residential | **Day
Summer Engineering, Medicine, and CSI Program for Elementary Students - Washington D.C.
Washington, DC
National 4-H Youth Conference Center
Chevy Chase, MD
  • Jul 6 - Jul 11 *
  • Jul 7 - Jul 11 **
  • Jul 27 - Aug 1 *
  • Jul 28 - Aug 1 **
*Residential | **Day

Tuition & Financial Assistance


Your Pathways to Discovery tuition is an investment in personal growth and critical skills development that will prepare you for school, college and career success.

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Envision offers a limited number of scholarships to qualified students each year based upon financial need, scholastic merit, leadership achievements and other factors.

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See how other students have used fundraising to cover some or all of their tuition costs. Make fundraising part of your Pathways to Discovery personal success story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Program Eligibility & Nomination

Is the Pathways to Discovery program for me?

This summer program is for you if you are an elementary school student interested in exploring future career possibilities. NYLF Pathways to Discovery is your springboard to investigating exciting career pathways and learning to be a leader at school and in your community.

To attend NYLF Pathways to Discovery, you must be in grades 3 – 5 during the 2013-2014 school year. Many of our students are nominated by educators, leaders from youth organizations and participating institutions, but open enrollments are welcome from qualified students who want to make the most of this opportunity.

What happens after I enroll?

After you enroll, you will receive an enrollment confirmation email. A personalized URL will be created for you – your MyEnvisionExperience.com page – where you can find important program updates, the Mandatory Travel Form, the Student Information Form, a travel checklist, pre-conference assignments and a press release you can use to notify local media about your participation in this prestigious program. You will receive notification in the mail and via email with details about how to access your MyEnvisionExperience.com page.

What is the enrollment deadline date?

The deadline date is the date that enrollment closes for NYLF Pathways to Discovery. It is important to note, however, that you enroll on a first-come, first-served basis. Since program space is limited, it is wise to enroll early for this popular summer program.

What happens if the program is full? Is there a wait list?

NYLF Pathways to Discovery is a very popular elementary school summer program and the allotted spaces for each session fill quickly. If your preferred session is full, we encourage you to choose another session. You may also request to be put on a wait list for a full session. However, due to the popularity of the program, there is no guarantee that space will become available if you choose the wait list option. It is best to enroll in an available session to guarantee your spot for this exciting experience.

What is the dress code for this program?

At NYLF Pathways to Discovery, we expect you to wear appropriate program attire each day. You should wear khaki shorts, skirts or pants, a solid white or navy blue top, and comfortable shoes or sneakers. Acceptable shirts include solid button-down short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, solid T-shirts or polo shirts.

You may also want to bring a light jacket, sweater or sweatshirt in case the weather gets cold.

Appropriate nighttime wear includes pajamas, sweatpants, T-shirts, shorts and slippers. 

For more detailed information about the dress code for this program, visit your MyEnvisionExperience.com personal Web page, which will be available to you after you enroll.

What is the code of conduct for this program?

Attending NYLF Pathways to Discovery is fun, but it is also an honor. Like all meaningful experiences, you will get out of it what you put in to your time spent at this exciting summer forum. You are expected to conduct yourself as a responsible leader as you represent your school and community. You must abide by the Student Code of Conduct. You must also abide by and uphold all program rules.

Organization & Affiliations

Who is Envision?

Envision Experience Envision is a leading experiential education organization dedicated to enabling students of all ages explore their interests and gain critical learning experiences beyond the classroom. Envision merged with LeadAmerica in 2012 to provide a comprehensive offering of programs to help students develop the leadership, scholarship and career skills needed to succeed in the competitive 21st century. See About Envision for more detailed information about Envision, its history of successful educational programs, its leadership and its partners.

All Envision programs are designed to align with Common Core State Standards and other national standards for education. See what others are saying about their Envision program experiences.

How is Envision funded?

Envision is a tuition-based, self-supporting organization, with many students securing financial support from local business, civic, community and leadership organizations. Scholarship funds are also available for qualified nominees. Learn more about scholarships and fundraising opportunities.

Is Envision affiliated with a political party or the U.S. government?

No. Envision is a nonpartisan educational organization.

Tuition & Financial Assistance

What is included in tuition?

Your tuition for the residential program at NYLF Pathways to Discovery includes all curriculum and instruction, program activities and evening events, overnight housing, program materials and all breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners during the program.

Tuition for the day program includes all curriculum and instruction, all program activities, program materials and all lunches and snacks during the program.

Transportation to and from home and the program location is NOT included in tuition. While attending the program, you will only need money for souvenirs and other incidentals.

How do I apply for a scholarship or financial assistance?

You can visit the Envision scholarships page for more information. We are proud to offer a limited number of scholarships to eligible students, opening the door to young leaders from a variety of backgrounds. You should also know that many students fundraise to pay for most or all of their tuition costs. See the fundraising page for more information.

What happens if there are no spaces available by the time I am able to accrue the full tuition amount by fundraising?

If you intend to fundraise to raise program tuition, we encourage you to enroll using our convenient payment plan. That way you will make sure you have safely secured your space in the program. It is always a good idea to contact our Office of Admissions once you begin your fundraising campaign

Safety & Supervision

How will I be supervised?

Your safety and well-being during NYLF Pathways to Discovery is our highest priority. The program occurs in a safe, controlled environment.  You will be closely supervised by a program director and a professionally trained staff, including faculty advisors who serve as educational facilitators and chaperones, security personnel and operations personnel.

Other Envision safety measures include:

  • Maintaining a student-to-staff ratio of 16-to-1.
  • Attendance is taken throughout the program, and students are required to attend all program activities.
  • Checking rooms nightly and ensuring that students remain in their rooms.
  • Staff member rooms are interspersed among student rooms on each hallway in residential housing.
  • A licensed nurse is available on site each day of the program.
  • Equipping all staff members with two-way communication devices.

For more than 28 years, Envision has achieved a stellar record of safely and successfully enriching the lives of students, providing young scholars – like you –with a superb educational experiences and professional supervision.

Travel & Accommodations

Where will I stay if I choose the Residential Program Option?

For Pathways to Discovery, most of the program locations give you the option of staying overnight. If you choose the Residential Program Option, you will reside, along with other students and staff, at safe and secure locations that include universities and conference centers.

How many students share a room?

Each room will house two to four students, depending on the housing location. You will have your own bed. Your room will include fresh linens and towels (but extra blankets and towels are recommended). The bathroom is shared.

How can my parents contact me while I am attending the program?

You must bring a calling card or toll-free number to make long distance calls. You are also permitted to bring a mobile phone to keep in touch with parents, but the mobile device must be turned off during program activities. You may call home before activities begin in the morning and after they have ended in the evening.

Your parents or guardians will have the telephone number to the program’s site office, where they can leave you messages. Additionally, parents and guardians may email the office should they need to relay information to you.

Can I request a roommate?

Roommate requests are not accepted. You will be randomly assigned a room prior to your arrival day. We believe that one of the important benefits of this program is the opportunity for you to network with others and get to know peers from different parts of the country.

Can my parents attend the program?

No. Your parents or guardians are not allowed to accompany you during the program. Gaining independence, including experiencing new things on your own, is an essential part of your growth during the program. However, it is perfectly fine for your family to travel with you to the program location and stay in the area while you are attending the program.

Can my parents visit me?

You will be very busy at Pathways to Discovery. Visits from friends and family are discouraged. However, visits will be permitted if we have a written request from your parent or guardian.

To request a visit, complete the Program Leave Request Form that can be found on your MyEnvisionExperience.com personal Web page after you enroll. Requests must be signed by your parent or guardian and must include a telephone number where your parent or guardian can be reached.

Program Leave Requests must be submitted to the program staff during registration on the first day of the program. We are unable to accept requests prior to the registration date. Visitors must be over the age of 18 and present a government-issued photo ID in order to check you out of the program.

Can I attend if I am a student with special needs?

Yes. If you are a student with special needs or with disabilities, we encourage you to enroll. We may be able to provide you with auxiliary aids and services to assist you. Please call our Office of Admissions for more information or to discuss your particular needs prior to enrolling in the program.

This is my first time away from home. How can I make the most of my experience?

If you are like many of the students in the program, Pathways to Discovery may be your first time away from home. You are encouraged to read “Making the Most of Your Pathways to Discovery Experience.”

Also, keep in mind that our energetic program staff will be working hard to make this a fun, safe and enjoyable experience.

What is the Tuition and Travel Protection Plan?

To protect and safeguard the investment that you and your parents make in travel and tuition costs, we strongly recommend that your parents take advantage of our Tuition and Travel Protection Plan. This plan is offered through Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. You may purchase this cancellation insurance when you enroll. You may also select this option when you complete the Mandatory Travel Form on your personalized MyEnvisionExperience.com page after enrollment. If your parents would like more specifics about the Tuition and Travel Protection Plan, please have them call the plan administrator, Nationwide, at (866) 282-3987.

Academic Preparation

Is there a pre-program assignment for Pathways to Discovery?

Yes. Each pathway has an assignment to be completed before your arrival at the program. Completing the assignment allows you to participate in the exchange of ideas between students while you are attending the program. Please bring your assignments with you on the first day!

Enrolled students can access the assignment details through their personalized webpage at www.MyEnvisionExperience.com.

Other Questions

Can special dietary needs be met?

Vegetarian options are always available. Kosher and Halal meals can be made available to you, provided the request is submitted prior to the start of the conference. When you complete the Student Information Form, you will have the opportunity to make special dietary requests.

What if I lose something or forget to bring a personal item home after the program?

All lost and found items are retained by the program staff for two weeks following the conference. Items of higher monetary value are retained for 30 days. After 30 days, all items remaining are discarded or donated. Contact the Office of Admissions for assistance.

My question is not listed.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of Admissions.



Please let us know that you have received the nomination package by clicking on Confirm Receipt below, or you may click Enroll to immediately secure your space in the program.