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Advanced Emergency Virtual - High School Medical Program from Envision

Gain tangible experience in emergency medicine and online learning success skills from the safety and comfort of home during Virtual Advanced Emergency Medicine, in collaboration with Stanford Medicine! Through a variety of live lectures given by Stanford University School of Medicine (SUSOM) professors; a Q&A panel discussion with medical students, residents, and faculty; thorough demonstrations; and hands-on simulations, you’ll receive a premier educational experience online, learning from some of the medical industry’s brightest professionals.

Stanford University

High School Student getting Emergency Medical Training

Medical Emergency Education From Home

Begin building your path to success in college and an emergency medicine career while better understanding what it takes to become a medical professional during Virtual Advanced Emergency Medicine. This comprehensive online skills program allows you to listen to riveting, live lectures given by experienced industry professionals, and then hone your skills using the provided medical instruments in virtual staff-led workshops and simulations. You’ll work individually and in small peer groups to explore exciting medical topics, such as diagnosis and triage, ethics and trauma management, first aid and wilderness medicine, epidemiology, anatomy, and more.

In addition to the medicine-related skills you’ll acquire, Virtual Advanced Emergency Medicine will help you develop online collaboration skills, so you’ll be ready for future online college courses—learning to communicate effectively in various formats, such as discussion boards, as well as how to network with other students across the country can prepare you for critical opportunities down the road.

At the program's conclusion, you’ll have valuable medical knowledge and genuine insights that can help you evaluate and achieve your professional goals, including how to take vital signs, apply a splint, manage patient trauma, conduct a physical exam, and handle an emergency. You’ll also have the option to earn college credit through George Mason University for completing Virtual Advanced Emergency Medicine.


Students attending select high school and college programs are eligible to receive college credit(s) through George Mason University.

2021 Dates & Tuition

Virtual Advanced Emergency Medicine, in collaboration with Stanford Medicine July 18-30* Mason College Credit $2,495
*Lectures and workshops will take place Sunday–Friday the first week of the program and Monday–Thursday the second week. Please see the Sample Schedule for more details.

Program Highlights

Medical Career Planning
During these challenging times, we’ve witnessed the critical role that doctors and health care workers play in our society. Attending Virtual Advanced Emergency Medicine is the perfect opportunity to help you determine if the field of health care is right for you. You’ll explore a broad range of career options and acquire the skills, knowledge, and optional college credit to help you stand out in this highly competitive field.
Gain Skills Relevant to Real Life
Practice calling for help, stopping bleeding, hooking up an AED, performing abdominal thrusts, and stabilizing a patient until help arrives. You’ll also take a virtual anatomy lab tour to better understand why it's necessary for all physicians to memorize the human anatomy.
Learn the Emergency Medicine Basics
The most important part of any medical school experience is learning the language. In this program, you’ll go over the foundations of taking and presenting a patient history and physical exam in the emergency department.
See What It's Like in the ER
Get inside the thought processes of a physician going through emergent patient presentations on heart attacks, arrhythmias, seizures, and anaphylaxis. Additionally, you’ll learn how emergency medicine doctors approach trauma patients suffering from gunshots, stabbings, car crashes, falls, and more.

Virtual Advanced Emergency Medicine, in collaboration with Stanford Medicine FAQs

  • Is Virtual Advanced Emergency Medicine for me?

    This summer program is for you if you’re a high school student in grades 9-12 during the 2020-2021 school year who’s interested in preparing for an exciting career as a medical professional. Virtual Advanced Emergency Medicine could be your springboard to success in college and the field of emergency medicine.

  • Are there any system requirements?

    No. If you have an internet connection, you should be able to access the program from anywhere.

  • What materials do I need for the program?

    A medical implements kit will be provided to you after your enrollment is complete. This kit complements the virtual simulations and labs you’ll take part in throughout the program.